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Why Ankylosaurus is the Greatest Dinosaur

Ankylosaurus statue

1. All of the armor

Ankylosaurus is called a “dwelling tank” as a result of it had plates of bone as physique armor, just like what we see in trendy crocodiles or armadillos,

Various tail clubs

2. The tail membership

They in all probability used their tails to defend towards predators, however they might even have used their tails for different functions (like competing for mates).

A map of the world

3. It’s the namesake for ankylosaurs

Ankylosaurs are some of the distinctive teams of dinosaurs, they usually have been discovered on all continents. Ankylosaurus can also be the most important ankylosaur.

T. rex skeleton

4. Once more, all of the armor

Ankylosaurus had such spectacular armor that it might dwell alongside T. rex, the toughest biting land animal of all time, and never must run away,

We go into far more element about what makes Ankylosaurus so cool in certainly one of our current podcast episodes. Pay attention right here:

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