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When Can Puppies Begin Consuming Pet Meals? What You Want To Know!


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An essential step in elevating a litter of puppies is transitioning them from their mom’s milk to stable meals. The pure means of weaning allows pups to eat independently and reduces the power demand on the mom canine. Typically, puppies ought to begin the weaning course of¹ between 3 and 4 weeks of age. However the course of is a bit more difficult than simply giving your puppies stable meals.

Learn on for every thing that you’ll want to learn about weaning puppies.

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When Ought to Puppies Be Weaned?

Puppies begin to get enamel between 3 and 4 weeks of age. That is when it’s best to begin transitioning them to pet meals. Teething puppies could make nursing uncomfortable for the mom, so she could begin to draw back from her pups earlier than they get sufficient to eat. When puppies get hungry, they’re naturally inclined to search for different meals sources.

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Step-by-Step Information for Weaning Puppies

If you end up transitioning puppies to stable meals, you’ll have to separate them from their mom for brief intervals of time, two to 3 instances a day.

1. Make Gruel

When introducing pet meals, you’ll want to make a gruel of moist or dry pet meals mashed up with a pet milk replacer or water. Ideally, use the identical model of pet meals that the mom canine has been consuming by way of her being pregnant and nursing interval. It can odor acquainted to the pups, making them extra more likely to eat it.

2. Provide the Gruel Combination to the Pups

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Do that whereas they’re separated from their mom. Be certain that the gruel is in a shallow pan or dish the place small pups can simply entry it. You’ll have to wipe a tiny quantity on their mouth with their finger to provide them a style.

Bear in mind that this step within the course of could be messy. Puppies don’t instinctively know tips on how to eat stable meals, so they might roll in it and play in it first. The purpose is to get them to have a style and notice that it tastes good and satisfies their starvation.

3. Reunite Puppies With their Mom

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While you place the pups again with their mom, enable her to lick up any remaining meals and lick her puppies clear.

4. Regularly Enhance Separation Instances and Quantities of Strong Meals

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While you begin the weaning course of, a pet’s weight loss program will solely encompass about 10% stable meals. Regularly transition the gruel to a extra stable kind till pups can eat the meals with out dilution. Enhance the quantity of meals every week till the puppies attain 7 to eight weeks of age. At this level, their weight loss program needs to be 100% pet meals.

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What If a Pet Isn’t Consuming Strong Meals?

Not each pet will accomplish profitable weaning on the identical schedule. Some pups take to it instantly, whereas others take longer. Proceed providing meals to the pup together with their siblings if doable. Watching their littermates partake in consuming will usually encourage them to eat too.

How Typically to Feed Puppies

Puppies have small tummies. Whereas they’re seemingly hungry on a regular basis, they’ll’t eat a lot, so it’s greatest to supply them meals in three to 4 small meals every day. The quantity to feed can differ based mostly on their measurement and breed, so make certain to observe the feeding tips in your pet meals of alternative.

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Puppies can begin consuming stable meals at 3-4 weeks of age, on the similar time that they begin to get their enamel. The weaning course of is greatest accomplished by separating the pups from the mom a couple of instances a day and steadily rising the quantity of stable meals that they eat. By 7–8 weeks of age, puppies needs to be getting 100% of their vitamin from both canned or dry pet meals.

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