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The commonest type of malnutrition in pets within the UK is the overconsumption of energy resulting in weight problems.

It’s estimated that between 39 and 52 per cent of cats within the UK are chubby or overweight.

‘Overweight’ cats are these which might be at the very least 20 per cent heavier than the optimum weight because of extreme fats accumulation.

A cat is ‘chubby’ whether it is 10 to 19 per cent heavier than the optimum weight. Ideally, cats must be fed to take care of their optimum body weight. Lengthy-term research have proven that each weight problems and extreme thinness shorten life expectancy.

Evaluation of physique situation

Body weight can be utilized to evaluate whether or not or not a cat has gained or misplaced weight. Nonetheless, dictating a weight which is right depends upon the age and breed of the cat. Due to this fact, a scale assessing the physique situation (physique situation rating, BCS) is commonly used.

This scale grades the physique situation of the cat from 1-5, the place a BCS of 1 could be very skinny, 3 is right and 5 is overweight. An overweight cat is one during which the ribs are exhausting to really feel as they’re coated by a thick layer of fats, there’s a reasonable to thick layer of fats protecting all of the bony prominences, and the cat has a pendulous ‘skirt’ (bulge beneath the stomach), with no waist.

The chart beneath is a helpful strategy to assess your cat’s physique situation, along with its total muscle situation.

Well being dangers in weight problems

Weight problems will increase the dangers of the event, or the development, of many illnesses (see beneath).

Dangers for growth of weight problems

Weight achieve happens when cats have a ‘optimistic vitality steadiness’ for an prolonged time frame, which means they’re taking in additional energy than they’re utilizing. The surplus vitality is saved as fats. In most situations the physique is ready to regulate vitality consumption so it matches vitality use, sustaining the physique situation round its ‘set level’. Nonetheless, sure components can have an effect on this set level and predispose the cat to weight achieve.

Purebred cats are much less prone to develop weight problems than moggies. Neutered cats have a tendency to realize weight extra simply than total animals. When a cat is neutered, the metabolic price decreases by about 20 per cent so neutered cats require much less meals than intact cats to take care of physique situation. Exercise can contribute markedly to the vitality necessities of a person. Cats with decreased exercise or restricted alternatives for train are at a better danger of gaining weight than lively cats. Intact cats tend to roam. Neutering reduces the will to roam and the quantity of bodily exercise undertaken by the cat declines.

The age of the cat has additionally been associated to the prevalence of weight problems. Cats beneath 2 years of age are much less prone to be chubby, whereas cats between 2 and 10 years require much less vitality and are, due to this fact, extra prone to be chubby. Senior and geriatric cats (cats of over 10 years of age) are usually underweight.

Feeding a weight loss plan that could be very palatable and vitality dense predisposes cats to overeating and encourages weight problems, particularly if such meals can be found freely or used excessively as ‘treats’. As well as, there are specific medicines that may predispose to weight achieve, both by rising the urge for food or reducing the metabolic price. Medication generally related to weight achieve embrace corticosteroids (reminiscent of prednisolone), amytripyline and cyproheptidine.

Therapy of weight problems

It’s harmful for cats to drop pounds too rapidly as a result of this predisposes them to the event of hepatic lipidosis, a probably deadly liver illness whereby fats is deposited throughout the liver because of a change in metabolism throughout fasting. A gradual, regular lower in body weight is right; it could take as much as a yr for a severely chubby cat to succeed in its best physique situation. A veterinary surgeon can draw up a weight reduction programme that mixes an appropriate feeding and train plan with cautious monitoring. It is rather exhausting to see weight reduction in a cat that you’re in shut contact with each day. Common visits to a veterinary surgeon for weigh-ins may also be certain that weight reduction will not be too speedy.

Cats are carnivores and, in contrast to people and canine, they will need to have meat of their weight loss plan to outlive. A cat’s pure weight loss plan consisting of small prey mammals could be excessive in protein and low in carbohydrate. To ensure that cats to drop pounds, veterinary diets have been designed that are excessive in protein, low in fats and low in carbohydrate. This helps cats to lose fats while sustaining lean physique mass (ie, muscle).

For recommendation on introducing a brand new weight loss plan click on right here.

Along with an appropriate weight loss plan, cats could be inspired to train both by means of rising play, or by encouraging motion round the home (strolling up and down stairs both by utilizing a pet harness or by transferring feeding bowls and so on).

Puzzle feeders have additionally been discovered to reinforce bodily and emotional wellbeing. Extra data on puzzle feeders could be discovered right here.

Sustaining optimum situation

As soon as a cat has reached its goal weight, it could be preferable to feed a ‘gentle’ or low calorie meals. These diets are designed for the much less lively feline and don’t include as many energy as the conventional upkeep meals. Whereas it’s exhausting to see weight reduction in a cat that you’re watching on daily basis, it’s equally troublesome to see the early phases of weight achieve. Common weight checks must be continued to make sure that the fats doesn’t begin to creep again on.


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