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Tortitude: Definition, Conduct & How To Deal With It

As a veterinarian, and proud proprietor of a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat, I’ve in all probability heard each warning, joke, assumption, and truth about torties that exists. The truth is, when my colleagues noticed the fur coloration of my latest little rescue, all of them laughed at me!

Fast Overview


Tortoiseshell cats should not a definite breed however are named for the distinctive blended black and ginger coloration and sample of their fur.


“Tortitude” is a phrase coined to explain the rumored robust character of those colourful cats, a stereotype that’s now backed up by a examine into aggression in cats.


Torties and calicos could make loving, loyal pets, however a great understanding of cat habits and communication might be helpful to stay harmoniously with them.

Tortoiseshell cats are often called the “divas of the cat world,” attributable to their feisty natures, full characters, and a number of mentions in folklore. However is that this “tortitude” only a delusion amongst cat individuals, or do these colourful felines actually have putting personalities?

We really now have analysis to again up these claims, so learn on to seek out out extra concerning the genetics and character of tortoiseshell cats, and the way greatest to deal with them!

What Is A Tortie?

Dr. Youens' tortoiseshell-and-white cat, Pi.

Pictured: Dr. Lizzie Youens’ tortoiseshell cat, Pi. Tortoiseshell cats are outlined by their marbled mixture of black and ginger fur, however some have cream, white, and orange shades along with black and purple.

A tortoiseshell cat shouldn’t be a breed of cat, however relatively a reference to the colour of their fur. The title refers to a number of colours blended right into a tortoiseshell sample. Tortoiseshell coats are often a marbled mixture of black and a ginger purple, however can this coloration sample may also include lotions, white, and orange.

The tortoiseshell sample might be present in many alternative breeds, or blended breed cats, though it’s a frequent coloration in Maine Coons, Persians, and American Shorthairs. They are often short-haired or long-haired.

The normal tortoiseshell sample has a number of variations. Dilute torties have an identical sample of colours, however embody paler grey and cream colours. A “torbie” is a cross of the tortoiseshell sample blended with tabby stripes. Calico cats have tri-colored fur, with white added to the black and amber, and often in bigger coloration patches or blocks relatively than the extra blended, brindled look seen within the conventional tortoiseshell sample.

The distinctive tortoiseshell sample is carried within the cat’s genetics, with the accountable gene discovered on an X chromosome. It’s a recessive code, that means that two X chromosomes are wanted to code for the tortoiseshell sample, and due to this fact, these distinctive cats are virtually all the time females. Male tortoiseshell cats are extremely uncommon and solely discovered attributable to genetic mutations. The genetic complexities of cat colours imply that tortoiseshell kittens might be born to oldsters of a wide range of colours.

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The Historical past Of Tortoiseshell Cats

Many cultures take into account tortoiseshell cats to deliver good luck, fortune, or safety.

Torties and calicos seem in folklore of varied completely different cultures, presumably as their distinctive coats and personalities made them stand out from the group.

In the US, tortoiseshell cats are generally known as “cash cats,” as they’re thought to deliver monetary good luck as one among their accomplishments. In Celtic historical past, torties had been thought to deliver good tidings in occasions of misfortune or a tough scenario.

In additional Jap cultures, torties had been well-liked with Japanese fishermen, who took them onboard their boats to guard from each shipwrecks and ghosts!

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What Is Tortitude?

Tortoiseshell cats have earned a repute for being feisty, fearless, and intensely loyal.

Most cat lovers may have heard rumors of the tortoiseshell character—or skilled it first-hand! These colourful cats are identified to be feisty, unbiased, and strong-willed feminine cats, with a perchance to present a swat or scratch to something they discover unacceptable.

As a veterinarian, I all the time strategy my tortie sufferers with a level of care and have been the recipient of many hisses (and even a chunk!) from these sassy felines.

Nonetheless, they’re additionally linked with integrity and loyalty to their house owners. Tortoiseshell cats are well-liked, not solely attributable to their gorgeous appears however due to their loyal, bonded natures, and quirky personalities.

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Is Tortitude a Actual Factor?

Though the science shouldn’t be definitive, some analysis has supported the concept of “tortitude.”

It might generally be straightforward to get carried away by numerous myths and legends within the pet world. Are torties actually any completely different from different coloured cats, or is all of it only a stereotype?

A examine in 2016, led by the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Instructing Hospital on the College of California, checked out potential hyperlinks between cat coat coloration and aggressive behaviors1. They analyzed responses from greater than 1,200 cat house owners, taking a look at on a regular basis aggression from pet cats.

It was discovered that sex-linked orange females (torties, calicos, and torbies), had been extra more likely to present destructive behaviors similar to hissing, swatting, biting, and chasing behaviors, with black-and-white and gray-and-white cats additionally barely extra more likely to interact in aggression.

It is very important do not forget that there are specific limitations to this examine. The inhabitants of householders was self-selected, relatively than random, which could result in bias. The questionnaires had been additionally based mostly on the cat guardians’ personal subjective opinions, with no goal measures of aggression used.

Lastly, the authors acknowledge that the variations had been minor: aggression ranges in pet cats had been general very low, so even delicate variations between completely different coloured cats had been flagged as important.

Total, it does seem that there’s some proof that helps the idea of tortitude. These stunning kitties might be feisty, however it must be famous that the variations are minor.

Aggression can be not a character trait and could be a very complicated concern, affected by many different variables than simply fur coloration. Your cat’s character, habits, and social interactions are decided by numerous components, together with genetics, socialization, and human interactions2.

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How To Deal With The Tortie Character

The additional feistiness seen in torties is simply a part of the enjoyable of proudly owning these distinctive cats.

Do you’ve got a cheeky tortie or an unbiased calico? Or pondering of including to your family with a colourful lady? The above examine into aggressive habits shouldn’t deter anybody from getting a tortie—the variations in aggression had been very delicate, and plenty of different components may have contributed.

The primary consensus on tortie character is that they’re unbiased, assured, and like issues achieved their very own method. They may not respect being picked up and cuddled everytime you like—enable them to strategy you on their very own phrases.

Hold their routine easy and predictable, spend a lot of time with them to kind a robust bond, and provides them area once they point out they want it. My very own tortoiseshell lady is loving, affectionate, and dependable, however she does like issues achieved on her personal phrases!

Understanding cat habits, physique language, and cat communication is effective to all cat house owners, no matter their coloration. In case you’re taking up a brand new cat, ensure you are absolutely ready with this helpful guidelines, to offer a safe and relaxed transition.

In case you really feel you’re struggling to bond together with your unbiased tortoiseshell, there are some good options right here. Studying to learn “cat” is a very helpful talent to keep away from misunderstandings, confrontations, and tense relationships.

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Tortitude: Closing Ideas

Tortoiseshell cats are sassy, unbiased, and strong-willed, to allow them to hold you in your toes.

Tortoiseshell cats should not a particular breed however are named for the distinctive blended sample and coloration of their fur. They’re well-known to have robust characters, and analysis exhibits they could present extra feisty behaviors towards their house owners! Dwelling with a tortie is commonly a enjoyable and rewarding expertise, however understanding cat communication might be useful to handle their strong-willed character.

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Incessantly Requested Questions

What’s the character of a tortie?

Tortoiseshell cats are identified to be unbiased, strong-willed, and considerably feisty. They like issues on their very own phrases, however they can be loving, affectionate, and really loyal.

What causes tortitude?

Tortoiseshell cats are identified for his or her sassy personalities, in any other case often called “tortitude.” The tortoiseshell coloration is strongly genetic and carried within the X chromosome, and cat character can be strongly gene-linked, which could clarify the distinct character of those colourful cats.

Are torties sassy?

Tortoiseshell cats are thought to have robust personalities, stuffed with sass, energy, and independence. Additionally they are typically feistier with house owners, displaying increased ranges of swatting and scratching behaviors.

Do tortoiseshell cats love their house owners?

A cat’s bond with their proprietor is dependent upon a number of components. Torties are identified for his or her robust, unbiased personalities, however might be extraordinarily loving and dependable to their bonded human companions.

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