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This pitcher plant species units its deathtraps underground

Biologist Martin Dančák didn’t got down to discover a plant species new to science. However on a hike via a rainforest in Borneo, he and colleagues came upon a subterranean shock.

Hidden beneath the soil and inside darkish, mossy pockets under tree roots, carnivorous pitcher vegetation dangled their deathtraps underground. The pitchers can appear to be hole eggplants and possibly lure unsuspecting prey into their sewer hole-like traps. As soon as an ant or a beetle steps in, the insect falls to its demise, drowning in a stew of digestive juices (SN: 11/22/16). Till now, scientists had by no means noticed pitcher vegetation with traps nearly solely entombed in earth. 

We have been, after all, astonished as no one would anticipate {that a} pitcher plant with underground traps might exist,” says Dančák, of Palacký College in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

That’s as a result of pitchers are usually fragile. However the brand new species’ hidden traps have fleshy partitions that will assist them push towards soil as they develop underground, Dančák and colleagues report June 23 in PhytoKeys. As a result of the buried pitchers keep hid from sight, the staff named the species Nepenthes pudica, a nod to the Latin phrase for bashful.

The work “highlights how a lot biodiversity nonetheless exists that we haven’t totally found,” says Leonora Bittleston, a biologist at Boise State College in Idaho who was not concerned with the research. It’s attainable that different pitcher plant species could have traps lurking underground and scientists simply haven’t observed but, she says. “I feel lots of people don’t actually dig down.”



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