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The Lifetime of a Solitary Bee

Bee species’ habits has fascinated people for eternity. All through the world, we watch them buzzing from flower to flower, gathering pollen. From classical songs to firm logos and residential décor, we now have honored their existence. It’s simple for many people as informal observers to consider that we perceive them, however the bee world is extra fascinating than we understand.

There are as much as 4,000 native bee species in the US, in line with the U.S. Geological Society. But, the typical individual is probably going extra accustomed to the (non-native) honeybee who goes again to the hive buzzing with life with a queen, her employees, and her mates.

Our common understanding of bees isn’t the complete fact. Throughout a latest webinar from our What’s Buzzing in Texas? webinar sequence, Dr. Jessica Beckham from the College of Texas, San Antonio, explains that hive-oriented or “social” bees like honey bees or bumblebees are the exception within the bee world. Most bee species lead solitary lives.

Solitary bees make up about 98% of the native bee species in the US, in line with the College of Minnesota Bee Lab web site. With 1000’s of species, it’s not stunning that these solitary bees are available quite a lot of sizes, shapes, and colours.

They exhibit quite a lot of totally different behaviors, too. For all of the variations, the one trait all these species have in widespread is that they dwell alone.

Lead Picture: Inexperienced metallic sweat bee. Credit score: NPS.

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