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Tearribles Overview: Neither a Chew Toy nor a Tug Toy

There are literally thousands of folks trying to find that good stuffed toy: the one their canine will love taking part in with and which is able to last more than a few days.

The Tearrible seems like that toy, however for us, it wasn’t. It’s a toy meant to be performed with in a single restricted approach—a approach a canine may or won’t get pleasure from. Certainly there are canines for whom this might be an ideal toy. However you should definitely perceive how the toy really works earlier than you assume your canine is certainly one of them.

Although it’s marketed as very powerful, and provides hope to us guardians of tremendous chewers, the corporate advises towards letting the canine simply play with it. They suggest taking part in tug utilizing the toy, however a really particular sort of tug sport that stretches the that means of the phrase. The toy is just not effectively suited to regular tug play in any respect.


Tearribles was a Kickstarter undertaking of an revolutionary canine toy in 2017. The inventors received nice backing and arrange manufacturing. The toy was a sturdily made stuffed monster that includes detachable appendages the canine might pull out: legs, arms, and a tail fixed with Velcro. After the canine ripped them out, the human might press them again in place.

They now have an lovable (sure, it’s actually cute) virus toy with16 protein spikes to drag off.

I used to be an early donor/investor and paid sufficient to get the Additional Massive Tearrible. It appeared like a good suggestion—if the canine did certainly get pleasure from taking part in with it the way in which it was designed.

That turned out to be a giant “if.”


  • The toys are completely lovable.
  • They’re made effectively.
  • They’re more durable than plenty of toys.
  • For sure canines it may very well be a favourite toy.


  • I imagine the signature detachable limbs are of restricted curiosity for many canines.
  • Canines can shred and destuff the toys, regardless of the promoting.
  • They’re marketed as tug toys, however they lack probably the most primary options of an excellent tug toy.
  • There may be misinformation about canines on the web site.

The advertising takes benefit of our need for the unimaginable: a toy that’s enjoyable for a canine to tear up that doesn’t rip up.

My Expertise with the Tearrible

The Tearrible out of the field

I acquired mine in early 2018. I gave it to Clara and Zani with another toys. Inside simply a few minutes, Clara had eliminated an ear from the Tearrible. She swallowed it earlier than I might intervene. She normally spits out the issues she tears off, however this piece went proper down.

I supervised extra carefully and let her proceed with the toy. She did pull the underside legs unit off (because the toy is designed for). Then she instantly set to work chewing out the seams she had uncovered on the underside corners. She pulled out a good quantity of stuffing whereas I made positive she didn’t swallow it. However after she tore off two extra items of the outer cloth, I traded her some goodies and took away the toy. I didn’t need her to ingest any extra cloth after that total ear.

I had my reply. Regardless of the advertising, the toy wasn’t magically powerful.

Full disclosure: What I did was not how the Tearribles are actually instructed for use. The toy didn’t include directions to make use of it as a tug toy then, though they did say to play with it along with your canine. My aim was to test the durability and observe how a lot pleasure the canines took in ripping the limbs off, the primary promoting level. They didn’t. The limbs have been only one extra chew to take away and discard. They needed to get deeper into the ripping.

Maybe breeds which have had the dissection a part of the predatory sequence diminished would get pleasure from them extra, not like my Arkansas varmint canines.

YouTube and Social Media

I looked for movies and posts about canines having a good time with Tearribles. I discovered no video on YouTube of prolonged (or much more than transient) play within the method the corporate recommends. The corporate advertising video has two brief segments of a canine taking part in with the toy totaling 23 seconds: just a few seconds of ripping appendages off whereas taking part in tug with an individual and some solo kill-shakes. There’s a video assessment by a fellow who solely exhibits the options of the toys and by no means exhibits his canines taking part in with them, and there’s a video by Dr. Patricia McConnell of her border collie fortunately pulling the spikes off the virus, however not taking part in tug with it. She does have two canines who get pleasure from eradicating the appendages and don’t do additional dissection. On her weblog, Dr. McConnell cautions to not provide the toy to a canine who swallows small, eliminated components.

I discovered a few constructive posts about canines who favored their Tearribles in an enrichment Fb group. They performed with the toys as meant and the toys lasted.

Social Media Addendum

I discovered some movies. Instagram, in fact. Have in mind, although, that it’s the proper medium to indicate a canine tearing the toy aside…as soon as. IG movies need to be brief. So it’s laborious to inform how how lengthy a canine’s curiosity lasts. However you’ll be able to see some very completely satisfied canines pulling limbs off toys.

The Advertising Is the Drawback

So whereas there appear to be some canines on the market who benefit from the Tearrible, the corporate doesn’t sufficiently make clear the very slender meant use of the toy.

Unique Advertising

There was initially no actual warning in the entire Tearribles web site that canines might really tear the toy up. They implied the alternative. And so they made the next unusual assertion:

In our exams, we performed tug of battle for 45 minutes with our 80lb destructo-dog, Izzy. The outcomes? Not a single tear on the toy, and one actually drained canine.

I took this textual content immediately off their website in 2018, however it’s not there.

The assertion is odd. Taking part in tug with a human is just not how canines normally rip up toys. Supervised tug doesn’t take a look at a toy. Any well-made toy can have an excellent lifespan in case you play tug with it relatively than giving the canine unfettered entry.

These tug toys belonging to Marge Rogers are about eight years previous. Her canines and her shopper canines have performed with them a number of days per week for years.

Present Advertising

The Tearribles firm has amended its claims and contains some qualifiers now. That is from the FAQ web page.

Query: Are Tearribles chew toys/indestructible toys?

Reply: No. Canine enamel, regardless of how small, are constructed to crush bones and tear tendons – there is no such thing as a materials (secure to be in your canine’s mouth) that your canine can not chew by means of.

True! However they nonetheless give attention to their toys’ toughness. Their YouTube film says canines can destroy any stuffed object in seconds, then says, “It’s time we stopped insulting our canines’ skills with weak toys.” That’s not the way you promote a tug toy; it’s the way you promote a chew toy.

They state on the web site that in case you play with the Tearrible in a structured approach along with your canine, the canine will be taught it’s your “collectively” toy and can cease attempting to “annihilate” it. My take: true in case you take away the toy after your “collectively” time, however that’s one thing you are able to do with any toy.

And so they prime it off with this false assertion:

Canines chew non-food issues for 2 causes:

  1. they’re teething
  2. they’re bored

No. Chewing is a pure and crucial habits for canines. Dissection is one step within the predatory sequence. Giving your canine a full and stimulating life is not going to stop him from desirous to chew stuff up. In actual fact, chewing stuff up is a part of a full and stimulating life for many canines.

Lewis and the Tearrible

Right here’s the hero of our story. I wrote a lot of this assessment three years in the past. However I by no means revealed it, as a result of I didn’t need to publish one more grouchy assessment. I felt unhealthy about criticizing a well-meaning firm that sought to create a novel toy for canines, though I disagreed with their claims.

I nonetheless have the toy, even with its holes and leaking filling. When Lewis first got here, all of the Velcroed appendages nonetheless labored. He figured the toy out and pulled it aside. He did appear to get pleasure from that. I put the toy again collectively and he pulled it aside just a few extra instances, generally whereas I held it. However the minute I ended placing it again collectively, he began engaged on the seams. He eliminated one of many Velcro strips (I nabbed it earlier than he or Clara swallowed it). So now the underside legs not reattach. However though Lewis likes the toy, even he doesn’t need to restrict himself to pulling off arms, legs, and the tail. He needs to proceed on to destuff it. However I did lastly get a canine who appeared to benefit from the signature facet of the toy. One canine out of 4 pulls the limbs off, however zero canines out of 4 have been completely satisfied to cease at that time.

Stuffed Toys and My Canines

Each certainly one of my canines has loved pulling toys aside and destuffing them. I’ve tried powerful toys, and the more durable they have been, the much less enjoyable they have been for the canines.

I lastly determined the one stuffed toys that made sense for us have been low cost ones they may rip up whereas supervised. I supervise as they pull them aside, then throw away the husks once they develop into unsafe. Earlier than the pandemic, I might decide them up at storage gross sales. These days, I focus extra on edible chews and taking part in tug and scent video games.

Clara and Lewis performed with the husk of this Snoopy toy for a very long time after it was utterly de-stuffed

Why Isn’t the Tearrible a Good Tug Toy?

Until you need to redefine tugging as a canine repeatedly pulling off discrete appendages and beginning over, this isn’t a tug toy. It doesn’t have the options of an excellent tug toy: lengthy and slender, engaging to chase, a transparent goal space for the canine, and a deal with for the human. The torso of the Tearrible is a nightmare for the human to carry on to.

The corporate didn’t initially promote the Tearrible as a tug toy. Try this publish from July 2018. There isn’t any point out of tugging. They could have added the instructions to tug after too many individuals (like me) tried to make use of it as a daily chew toy.

Alternate options

  • In case your canine likes to tug, make or purchase an actual tug toy. There are a whole bunch available on the market. The perfect tug toy is one thing your particular person canine needs to chase and seize and that you would be able to grasp onto. Attempt Clear Run or Canine Desires Toys. You may even strive a flirt pole if they’re permitted in your space. Taking part in with a flirt pole is like tug on steroids; your canine will get to chase and tug.
  • In case your canine prefers to shred and dissect, you’re in all probability already letting them tear up stuffed toys. Make sure to supervise your canine carefully in order that they don’t ingest cloth or plastic squeaker components. There are all the time dangers of swallowing, nonetheless. Try the Canine Enrichment Fb group for extra concepts for secure shredding actions.
  • In case your canine enjoys chewing and/or squeaking a material toy and also you don’t need them to tear it aside, there are some first rate choices. The Outward Hound Hearth Biterz toy is fabricated from firehose materials. The goDog toys may do for some canines. My canines don’t chew up the canvas-covered toys like Kong Wubbas. The Tearrible could also be powerful sufficient for some canines. And possibly you’ll simply need to get one to assist an impartial enterprise with a really cute and durable product.

Backside Line

The Tearrible stands out as the good toy for some canines, and I hope it finds its strategy to them. However it seems like a chew toy, they usually promote it that approach. On the identical time, they instruct you to make use of it as a tug toy and it’s not designed effectively for tug in any respect.

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Copyright 2022 Eileen Anderson

Photograph of well-used tug toys copyright 2022 and courtesy of Marge Rogers. All different images copyright Eileen Anderson.



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