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Tame a Chicken — A Taming Information for Scared Avians

Is your fowl skittish and afraid of people? If sure, then chances are you’ll be questioning the best way to tame a fowl and set up a powerful bond together with your new feathery companion.

Taming a budgie or any parrot or fowl species could be a tedious job because it takes a lot of effort and time.

However with this information, we’ll show you how to navigate by means of the avian world and educate you the best way to tame a parrot or any pet fowl.

Particularly, we’ll focus on:

  • tame a scared fowl and get him accustomed to his new house
  • use goal and clicker coaching to beat its concern of people
  • Inform-tale indicators you could know so you may see if a fowl is comfy or afraid of you

So, in case you’re having hassle coping with and taming your new pet fowl, be a part of us as we journey in direction of reworking shy and skittish birds into pleasant pets.

how to tame a scared budgie

How To Tame a Chicken Shortly

Some avian creatures are naturally skittish, particularly those that come from the wild. However is it potential to tame a fowl?

The direct reply is yes. Even the wild ones could be tamed however know that it requires a lot of persistence and time.

It doesn’t occur in a single day however you may set up a very good basis from day one by following our ideas under. 


Listed below are some ideas to bear in mind earlier than beginning the taming course of.

1. Present a secure surroundings for them

Step one to efficiently taming a scared fowl is eradicating something that will frighten or distract your fowl. 

You additionally want to supply your fowl with a nutritious diet and nutritionally-balanced fowl feed that can enhance its mind well being. 

Sleeping is essential too as it might probably rejuvenate and heal the mind and physique. A great evening’s sleep for birds lasts 10 to 12 hours.

So, make certain your pet will get sufficient relaxation earlier than beginning any coaching.

2. Examine your fowl’s habits

Our subsequent tip on the best way to tame a scared budgie or any fowl is to review its habits and its historical past. 

It might assist if your fowl’s background and the previous traumas he went by means of. 

A practical habits evaluation will show you how to with this to:

  • outline your fowl’s habits 
  • perceive the triggers
  • notice the results of sustaining the habits
  • decide the issues that affect its habits
  • perceive why your fowl acts that method

Is he shy as a result of he had restricted contact with folks or did he undergo abuse up to now?

Attempt to know your fowl’s background as a lot as potential so you can begin the taming classes the correct method.


After observing its habits, it’s time to get to the actual course of and reply the query about “the best way to tame parrots” and different birds.

1. Let him get used to the brand new surroundings

It takes time earlier than the fowl absolutely adjusts to the brand new surrounding and strangers round him.

It may be tense for him to be abruptly dropped at a brand new location, lose his earlier cage mates, and work together with a stranger.

So, give him a little bit time to get used to his new house, to the brand new folks, sound, odor, and experiences.

Some sources recommend ready for a number of days earlier than beginning the taming course of. However it might probably extend the adjustment interval and make the fowl afraid to go away its cage; the one place he feels secure and safe.

Nevertheless, you may subtly kickstart it on the day you introduced your fowl house with out stressing your fowl out by reinforcing mild and nonthreatening interplay.

This fashion, you can also make your self one among your fowl’s spheres of security. However how?

Put him in a busy space the place you may hand around in his common neighborhood. It could velocity up the taming course of and can assist your fowl perceive that you just’re not a predator. This fashion, you may situation him for human interplay. 

However maintain your actions unalarming and keep away from creating noise that may frighten him.

2. Make him really feel comfy round you

One other method you may acquire your fowl’s belief is by making him really feel secure if you’re round. For instance, you may speak to him with a soothing voice or sing to him. 

This fashion he’d notice that you just’re calm and never a risk. 

You can too learn a e book subsequent to its cage.

3. Use sluggish and delicate actions when approaching him

Sudden actions can frighten skittish birds. That’s why you could be mild and sluggish when approaching your pet fowl. 

4. Place your hand close to the cage

In case your concern is about the best way to hand-tame a parrot, right here’s the trick.

Earlier than making an attempt to the touch your fowl, you could strive inserting your hand close to its cage. Skittish birds could also be cautious of arms and those that come from pet shops could affiliate it with grabbing and chasing. 

If that’s the case to your fowl, attempt to cut back his nervousness by speaking to him in a soothing voice whereas your hand stays nonetheless. 

Then, maintain the fowl cage for about 10 to fifteen minutes, two or 3 times a day for 4 to 7 days. Simply place it gently and let or not it’s comfy together with your arms.

Don’t attempt to contact your fowl but.

5. Supply your hand

In case your fowl doesn’t get flustered together with your hand’s presence anymore, it’s time to strive inserting your hand contained in the cage. Do it slowly with out doing sudden actions that will frighten him.

Keep away from having direct eye contact with the fowl as a result of it might probably make him really feel threatened.

Your fowl could not leap to your hand so simply till you identify belief however you could do it since you could open his cage to supply him with meals and water.

how to tame a bird with treats

6. Supply wholesome meals and eat collectively

In case your fowl seems to be comfy and calm, attempt to supply him some meals. 

Fill his meals dish whilst you eat a snack close by. Consuming meals collectively is without doubt one of the finest methods to make your fowl really feel comfy round you. 

Some birds could hesitate to take a chunk however they’ll ultimately give in and prioritize their meals over discomfort with people. 

By establishing this as a part of your on a regular basis routine, your fowl ought to be capable to really feel comfy together with your arms and your presence.

7. Trick your fowl with a deal with

In case your fowl nonetheless doesn’t really feel comfy together with your hand, a deal with could also be one of the best ways to entice him and win him over. 

You should utilize no matter treats you need so long as it’s acquainted to your fowl. Millet spray is without doubt one of the widespread fowl treats however darkish, leafy greens like spinach can even do. 

Simply maintain the deal with in your hand and keep nonetheless. It could take time earlier than your fowl begins to belief you and eat the deal with. 

However in case you’d maintain a deal with 3 to five instances a day and each time your change its meals and water, your fowl could start to stay up for receiving treats day by day.

In case your fowl is now comfy receiving treats out of your arms, you may transfer on to the goal and clicker coaching. 

how to tame a scared bird with target training

Tame a Chicken Utilizing Goal Coaching

Goal and clicker coaching makes use of constructive reinforcement and is efficient for preliminary taming. It helps encourage your fowl to beat its fears to get rewards. 

So, let’s proceed the taming course of and introduce the clicker to your fowl.

Introduce the Clicker

This step is a breeze. Simply click on your clicker earlier than you give your fowl a deal with so your fowl will know {that a} deal with is coming when it hears a clicking sound.

Select a Goal

The subsequent step is to select a goal. You should utilize a chopstick or coloured pencil to show your fowl that it’ll obtain treats if it touches the goal. 

Introduce the Goal

Strategy your fowl with a stick in a relaxed and unthreatening method.

Most birds can’t resist touching or chomping the follow their beak and in case your fowl touches it, click on and provides the deal with.

Then, put it a little bit farther this time and wait till your parrot walks or flies over to the touch the stick, then click on and deal with!

Current the Perch

Now, open the fowl’s cage and present the perch to your pet. Contact the perch utilizing the stick and attempt to encourage the fowl to verify the perch out.

If it steps up and touches the perch, click on the clicker and reward him.

Introduce your Hand

The subsequent stage is to supply your hand as a substitute for a perch. Simply maintain your index finger out and fold your different fingers then transfer it in direction of your fowl.

Place it under his breast line, simply above his ft. 

Encourage your pet fowl to step onto your finger by gently pushing up on his physique. 

In case your fowl flies or strikes away, don’t chase him. Simply take away your hand and take a look at it once more later till he calms down and approaches your hand. 

In case your fowl nonetheless wants extra encouragement, maintain a deal with and place it far sufficient that your fowl must leap to your finger to achieve it. 

Then give a verbal command “step up” or “up”. If he steps into your finger, click on the clicker and reward your fowl. 

It’d additionally assist in case you’d give your fowl verbal reward like “good job” each time he steps onto your finger.

Introduce Touch when taming a bird

Introduce Contact

In the event you’ve efficiently carried out these steps, right here’s one other thrilling a part of the taming course of; making your fowl get used to your contact. 

Simply click on the clicker and gently faucet the fowl’s beak. If it tolerates being touched, strive it as soon as once more by clicking after which touching his physique.

It could assist construct belief that you just gained’t have to make use of a deal with sooner or later anymore. And hopefully, your fowl will come to you to ask for assist in scratching the hard-to-reach spots in his physique as a result of it’s a sign that he trusts you.

Maintain the taming session quick, lasting round 10 to fifteen minutes and two to a few instances a day and do it repeatedly. 

Tame a Frightened Chicken

What in case your fowl is extraordinarily fearful of those that it freaks out even if you’re a number of meters away? 

In case your fowl is extraordinarily petrified of people, he could have had dangerous experiences.

So, the subsequent query is the best way to tame birds with previous traumas and the best way to method them the correct method. 

Nicely, you could research its flight distance first which refers back to the level the place in case you come too shut, it’ll run or fly away. 

Right here’s Tame a Scared Chicken and Ideas for Approaching Him

1. Stroll to the cage slowly and calmly however keep away from eye contact in any respect prices so your fowl gained’t really feel threatened. In case your fowl reveals indicators of discomfort, cease the place you’re and don’t method any additional. 

Cease earlier than your fowl strikes away from you. In any other case, your fowl might imagine that by shifting away from you, you’ll transfer away too. That’s the precise reverse of what we’re making an attempt to realize. 

We’d like him to relax so he can get a reward which on this case is the stress being launched. In different phrases, you’ll transfer away if he stays calm.

2. Wait to your fowl to relax. When it goes again to its regular posture and is now not able to fly away, now you can stroll away from the cage.

3. It’s time to show your parrot or fowl to lower the flight distance. For instance, in case your fowl permits you to get to round 1 meter from the cage, its flight distance is 1 meter.

That signifies that he feels secure till you get nearer than one meter from its cage. However he’ll ultimately notice that nothing dangerous occurred if you’re 1 meter away from the cage.

And by staying calm, he was rewarded by you shifting away.

4. Simply repeat the method till the fowl’s flight distance regularly decreases from 1 meter to 0.8m to 0.5 m. It’ll take many repetitions earlier than it’ll can help you stand proper subsequent to the cage. 

By no means transfer away in case your fowl doesn’t relax. In any other case, you’d need to restart the coaching once more. 

In case your fowl permits you to stand close to the cage at this level, you may already apply the taming session above. 

How Do You Inform If a Chicken is Scared?

You’ll know in case your fowl feels pressured, scared, confused, frightened, or upset with you thru its physique language. 

For instance, when a fowl:

  • leans again on its perch
  • crouch all the way down to get able to fly or run
  • step a foot out to the facet
  • suck its feathers near its physique

Meaning your fowl is uncomfortable and scared and needs you to maneuver away. 

One other indication that the fowl feels threatened is when it bites you and acts aggressively. Most birds additionally give a warning that they’re going to chunk reminiscent of:

  • hissing or growling sounds
  • aggressive back-and-forth actions
  • fluffing up of feather’s mane
  • pinned eyes

These are their methods of telling you to remain away. In any other case, it would take issues into its personal beak. 

how to tame a parrot

Indicators that Your Chicken is Snug Round You

When your fowl fluffs up its feather and shakes or takes the primary transfer to come back in direction of you or step onto your arms, these are indications that your fowl trusts you. 

Listed below are different telltale indicators that will point out {that a} fowl is comfy together with your presence.

  • physique contact
  • wing flapping
  • tail wagging
  • dilated pupils
  • hanging the wrong way up
  • beak wiggling
  • meals regurgitation
  • singing
  • mimicking the phrases you say
  • tongue clicking
  • beak rubbing towards you
  • little ft dance
  • following you round
  • relaxed posture if you method

So in case you’re fowl exhibit these indicators, meaning it trusts and likes you and is comfy with you round. 

Deal With Miscommunication When Taming a Chicken

What in case your fowl bites you throughout the taming session? If that occurs to you, keep in mind to not react dramatically and keep calm. 

By no means hit your fowl nor spray him with water as a result of it’ll solely improve distrust and affiliate you with destructive experiences. 

We recommend holding your fingers collectively and curling them inward as a result of it’s harder to chunk a flat floor than a single finger. Then, gently pull your hand till it will get out of its attain. 

A downward shift of the bitten hand may help however verbally inform your fowl “No” as effectively. 

young girl with a tamed bird

What’s the Best Chicken to Tame?

Parakeets, particularly the males are the simplest to tame, making them excellent for first-time fowl homeowners. 

They’re additionally simple to coach and lots of of those birds can speak and construct intensive vocabulary. 

Different easy-to-tame breeds are cockatiels, doves, canaries, lovebirds, African gray parrots, Pionus parrots, and green-cheeked conures.

They’ve completely different personalities and feathering coloration however most are pleasant and docile in nature. 

Widespread Questions Associated to Tame a Chicken

How do you make a fowl not fearful of you?

You possibly can keep away from scaring your fowl by making mild and calm actions and speaking to him with a soothing voice.

It’d assist in case you’d additionally keep away from direct eye contact. In any other case, it’d suppose you’re a predator ready for an opportunity to assault him.

How lengthy does it take for a fowl to belief you?

It could take a number of weeks or extra to determine belief. However by fixed coaching, repetition, and establishing good rapport from day one, you may assist velocity up the taming course of.

How do you tame a scared fowl in 1 day?

Taming a fowl is a protracted course of. However by taking note of his physique language, staying mild and calm, and getting him used to seeing and having you close to his cage from day one, you may get on the correct foot. 

How do you tame a wild fowl?

Wild birds are harder to tame than domesticated ones however you should use the hand-taming methods above.

Let him get accustomed to the brand new surroundings, speak to him in a soothing voice and use goal and clicker coaching to tame him.

how to tame parrots

Tame a Chicken — Last Ideas

There’s a excessive danger that your fowl will chunk you if you method him. You possibly can put on gloves for cover. But it surely’ll solely defeat the aim of the taming session which is to get the fowl comfy together with your hand. 

So, we suggest not carrying one and utilizing your hand as an alternative.

As we stated earlier, constructing belief doesn’t occur in a single day. Concern could maintain your fowl again and generally, they simply refuse to make progress.

However even in case you fail and repeat a number of instances, by fixed follow and exercising persistence, you may construct a powerful bond together with your avian companion.

Did you get pleasure from our information on the best way to tame a fowl? We hope it’s useful for you and if in case you have further ideas up your sleeve, share them with us within the remark part under. 

We’d be happy to know your ideas and methods for taming a fowl. 

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