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St John’s Water Canine Breed Traits And Historical past

st johns water dog

The St John’s Water Canine breed was an clever, affectionate, athletic canine that labored eagerly alongside people in Newfoundland. Although the breed is now extinct, they have been as soon as common with breeders searching for to create splendid working and looking canine. They’re the ancestors of the Labrador Retriever and plenty of trendy sporting canine breeds share a few of the St John’s most fascinating traits. At this time we’ll take a look at what the St John’s Water Canine was like, the place it lived, what it was used for and why they sadly disappeared.


The St John’s water canine breed is unfortunately now not accessible. However, it lives on in trendy retriever breeds, such because the Labrador!

Concerning the Breed

The St John’s water canine goes by various names, together with the lesser Newfoundland and the St John’s canine. These canine originated on the island of Newfoundland, Canada. Right here, their commonest function was working alongside fishermen.

Folks and St John’s water canine labored alongside one another. The water canine would retrieve nets, gear, fishing strains, and extra from the water to help their people.

St John’s Water Canine Look

Since there are not any trendy examples of this breed round, now we have to depend on historic paperwork, work and images to study what the St John’s Water Canine seemed like. These canine share a number of traits with trendy retriever breeds, notably the Labrador Retriever. For example, they’d dense, double layered coats containing oils that protected them from the intense temperatures when retrieving from the water.

These canine have been medium to giant in dimension. Like most breeds, females have been smaller than males. They normally had tuxedo markings. This implies, the vast majority of their coat was black, however they’d white patches on their chest, toes, and generally on their muzzle. Some had longer fur than others, however over time a brief, clean coat was the norm.

st john's water dog

St John’s Water Canine Temperament

Temperament is maybe even tougher for us to study than look. As an alternative of seeing examples of this breed’s temperament, now we have to depend on sources from individuals who noticed the canine in particular person.

One factor’s for positive, although. We all know that the breed was energetic, clever, and succesful, since they carried out their water retrieving roles so properly. Nicely sufficient, in truth, that they caught the attention of British aristocrats, who took canine residence to breed from!

To be a profitable working canine in Newfoundland, these canine needed to be pleasant, energetic, and courageous! At instances, they must dive underwater to retrieve issues. So, these canine needed to study precisely what to retrieve and safely achieve this. The connection between St John’s and people was very cooperative, which is a perfect trait in a working canine like this.

When Did the St John’s Water Canine Go Extinct?

This breed’s numbers have been in decline for a very long time earlier than they lastly went extinct. Many sources imagine that the final two examples of the breed died within the Eighties. These two canine have been each males, reaching ripe outdated ages of 13 and 15.

There are nonetheless many blended breed canine that exist in Newfoundland that look just like outdated pictures of the St John’s canine. And, the breed’s traits reside on in lots of trendy breeds, together with the Labrador Retriever. Nevertheless, there are not any extra purebred examples of the breed.

Why Did the St John’s Water Canine Go Extinct?

There are a couple of common theories about why this breed sadly grew to become extinct. It’s possible that each one of those elements contributed to the St John’s Water canine’s total decline and extinction.

Firstly, the nineteenth Century noticed an increase in taxation and heavy restriction on canine possession. This was carried out in an try to encourage sheep elevating. While this was taking place, the UK was imposing a quarantine on all imported animals in an try to get rid of rabies. Each of those elements led to an irreversible decline within the breed’s numbers.

Can I Purchase St John’s Water Canine Puppies?

It’s not potential to purchase real St John’s Water Canine puppies, because the breed has been extinct because the Eighties. Nevertheless, lots of the breed’s traits reside on in trendy purebred canine.

These canine have been a key breed in establishing many trendy working canine. For example, the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, the Flat-Coated Retriever, and plenty of extra, all have hyperlinks to the St John Water Canine.

Many trendy black Labrador mixes truly develop as much as have markings similar to the standard water canine markings. They are going to have largely black fur, however may have a white chest, white paws, and probably some white on their face. Sometimes, you would possibly even see this coloring in a purebred, although they wouldn’t qualify for present.

The St John’s Water Canine – A Abstract

St John’s water canine have been athletic, clever canine. And, these are traits that they handed on to many different retriever breeds which are nonetheless round and accessible for buy as we speak.

Does your present pup present traits just like the St John’s water canine? We’d love to listen to your ideas and experiences within the feedback!

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