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My Cat is Sleeping Consistently—Is That Okay?

Cats like to nap. However is there such a factor as sleeping an excessive amount of? Plenty of sleep isn’t essentially an issue. Most wholesome cats sleep from 12-20 hours a day. So, in case your cat looks as if she’s at all times sleeping, bear in mind to not decide by human sleep wants. However despite the fact that cats sleep loads, oversleeping could be a signal of one thing flawed. Right here’s some recommendation that can assist you determine in case your cat’s sleep is regular.

Deep vs Gentle Sleep

Cats sleep for as much as 20 hours a day, however that doesn’t imply all sleep is identical. Identical to people, cats have numerous varieties of sleep. The type you’ll see most through the day is a lightweight nap. These naps normally final for lower than an hour, and the cat by no means sleeps deeply. You would possibly discover your cat basking within the solar, stretched out, eyes barely closed. Should you method, your cat will in all probability get up—and he or she’ll undoubtedly get up for those who startle her.

Cats even have deeper sleep cycles. Their deepest sleep session normally happens at night time—they’ll sleep from late within the night to simply earlier than dawn.

When your cat sleeps deeply, she’ll undergo totally different levels, from medium sleep right down to deep sleep and again. You would possibly see her curled up tightly or discover paws twitching and REM as she goals.

cat sleeping with its belly up on a cat bed
Picture Credit score: Jim Black, Pixabay

Cat Sleep Cycles

You’ll be able to count on your cat to be awake extra at some instances than others. Most cats are very energetic within the evenings and mornings. The night time is when your cat sleeps deepest. Some cats sleep for lengthy durations via the night time, whereas others alternate between sleep durations and wake and energetic durations.

In the course of the day, as soon as cats are previous the height vitality section, they’ll normally have a number of brief naps, waking up a number of instances an hour earlier than falling again asleep.  Some cats even have a deep sleep cycle through the day for a number of hours.

So, placing that collectively, what would possibly an everyday schedule seem like? Your cat would possibly get up at 6 AM and be awake and alert till 8 AM. She’ll begin napping on and off till mid-afternoon after which sleep deeply for a few hours. As soon as supper time hits, she’s again up and alert—from 6 PM to 9 PM is vitality time. After it will get darkish, she’s prepared for mattress and sleeps deeply in both longer or alternating durations many of the night time. As you’ll be able to inform, that’s a number of sleeping. However a superb chunk of the time she spends sleeping is in mild naps, and when she’s at her peak instances, she’ll be totally alert.

Modifications in Sleeping Patterns and Different Pink Flags

If cats sleep a lot, how are you going to inform if it’s an excessive amount of? The most important signal that one thing may be flawed is that if your cat begins sleeping via peak instances. In case your cat goes to sleep within the afternoon and doesn’t get up till late at night time or the following morning, there may be an issue. Deep sleep for many of the day could be a downside too. In case your cat appears to spend various hours sleeping deeply, it may need some underlying concern.

Except for these purple flags, any drastic change in sleeping patterns could possibly be a problem. That features sleeping far more than ordinary or staying up via the night time. Nonetheless, not each change in sample implies that one thing is flawed. Cats sleep extra within the winter and infrequently will sleep additional throughout storms. Cats additionally sleep extra as they age.

Oversleeping could be a symptom of some totally different issues. For some cats, it’s merely boredom. Weight problems can even trigger oversleeping. Or it may be an indication of a extra critical concern like an sickness sapping their vitality. If that’s the case, search for different indicators of well being points and take into account a vet check-up. Most sicknesses will include different indicators akin to inappetence, lowered mobility, lethargy even when they’re awake, pale gums, speedy respiratory, or digestive issues.

ginger Exotic shorthair cat sleeping near a door
Picture Credit score: Wutlufaipy, Shutterstock


Final Ideas

Each cat is totally different. As you’ll be able to see, measuring each hour your cat sleeps isn’t one of the simplest ways to see if there’s an issue. Some cats would possibly solely sleep 12 hours, and others 22, with out being unhealthy. However sleep can nonetheless be an indication of your cat’s well being. On the lookout for troubling sleeping patterns will assist you realize in case your cat wants assist.

Featured Picture Credit score: photosforyou, Pixabay



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