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Lightning and Fish | Exterior My Window

Lighting strikes because the USS Abraham Lincoln transits the Strait of Malacca (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

29 June 2022

When a thunderstorm approaches on the seashore or a swimming pool, the lifeguards inform everybody to get out of the water. Lightning typically strikes water and anybody in it may be electrocuted.

Fish reside in water so why don’t they die from lightning? The Nationwide Climate Service explains:

Earlier than a lightning strike, a cost builds up alongside the water’s floor. When lightning strikes, most {of electrical} discharge happens close to the water’s floor. Most fish swim beneath the floor and are unaffected.

Nationwide Climate Service: Lightning and Fish

This NWS animation reveals the optimistic cost constructing on the floor and the negatively charged lightning strike spreading horizontally. Fish swim beneath all of it.

People swim on the water’s floor the place lightning has its best impact. As well as, lightning is a hazard in open outside areas like seashores.

West Seaside Galveston, 1973 (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

Apparently within the US, essentially the most harmful exercise throughout lightning is fishing; seashores are second. We thought golf was the worst however it’s far down on the record.

US lightning loss of life statistics by exercise, 2010-2021 (desk from Nationwide Climate Service, Paducah, KY)

Throughout a thunderstorm the fish are safer than the fisherman.

(photographs and animations from Wikimedia Commons; click on on the captions to see the originals)



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