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Langshan Hen: Origin, Temperament and Traits

Are you aware what the Langshan rooster breed is?

No? That’s okay – most individuals don’t!

The Langshan is a Chinese language rooster breed that’s recognized for its black feathers and white pores and skin. It is usually mentioned to be one of many oldest rooster breeds on the earth.

If you happen to’re concerned about studying extra about this attention-grabbing breed of rooster, preserve studying!

Langshan Hen Overview

Langshan chickens are a breed of rooster that’s initially from China. The breed will get its title from the Langshan Mountains, the place they had been first found.

Langshans are massive birds, with roosters sometimes weighing in at round 9 kilos and hens round 7 kilos. They’re recognized for his or her lengthy, elegant necks and tails, in addition to their black plumage.

Whereas they aren’t the most well-liked breed of rooster in the USA, they’re progressively gaining in recognition on account of their distinctive look and pleasant disposition.

If you’re searching for a rooster that’s positive to face out from the remainder, then the Langshan is a superb selection.

Langshan chickens are hardy within the winter, although they aren’t notably hardy. They’re recognized for being notably docile, which is without doubt one of the explanation why they’re generally raised as exhibition birds.

Langshan chickens are recognized for being nice fliers (they will fly over tall fences!) and an incredible depth of physique that’s distinctive to the breed. It is a superb layer and a great forager.

As a result of it has fewer feathers on its toes, in contrast to Cochin or Brahma chickens, it does higher in moist climate than these two breeds.

There are a few totally different variations of this breed that breeders try to attain. One is a short-legged model, often known as the Shanghai sort, whereas the opposite is the taller model or the German Langshan.

Langshan Chickens Look 

Langshan chickens are fairly hanging to have a look at. The eggs generally have a purplish tint, whereas the rooster itself has white pores and skin, darkish black feathers (generally a bluish-black shade), and tremendous tall legs.

The chicken is wealthy in taste and the bones are small for the dimensions.

This hardy breed has tight feathers and darkish brown eyes. Its toes and shanks are blue-black with some pink between the scales. It has white soles.

The rooster has a single comb and lays medium-size brown eggs (normally round three eggs every week).

Langshan Chicken breed

Historical past of the Langshan Hen Breed

The Langshan is an Asiatic breed of rooster originating within the Guangdong province of southeastern China.

The breed was first imported to the USA in 1872 and shortly grew to become fashionable amongst American farmers for its massive measurement and darkish plumage.

Langshans are recognized for his or her distinctive lengthy and chic neck, which is alleged to be the results of generations of inbreeding.

The breed can also be characterised by its deep chest and sloping again, which supplies it a singular look amongst different rooster breeds.

Whereas the precise origins of the Langshan are unknown, it’s considered a descendant of the traditional Chinese language silkie rooster.

In the present day, the breed continues to be fashionable amongst yard rooster lovers and continues for use for meat manufacturing in some components of the world.

Are Langshan Chickens Uncommon?

Whereas they had been as soon as fairly frequent in China, Langshan chickens are actually thought of to be a uncommon breed. In recent times, there was a renewed curiosity in Langshan chickens, and they’re now being bred in different nations as effectively.

Whereas they aren’t but as frequent as another breeds of rooster, their numbers are slowly however steadily growing.

There are a number of variations of this breed, too. The unique Langshan is black with a inexperienced sheen to its feathers.

Later, the white Langshan was developed in English. The blue adopted shortly after. There are additionally bantam Langshan chickens in all three of those colours.

Are Langshan Chickens Good?

Langshan chickens are a breed of rooster that’s recognized for being notably pleasant and docile. Due to their mild nature, they make nice pets and are sometimes thought of to be “lap chickens.”

In addition they are inclined to get alongside effectively with different animals, making them a sensible choice for homesteaders who’ve a number of kinds of animals.

Along with being glorious companions, Langshan chickens are additionally good egg-layers and may present a gentle provide of contemporary eggs.

For all of those causes, Langshan chickens are a well-liked selection for these searching for a pleasant and dependable rooster breed.

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What Are Langshan Chickens Raised For?

Langshan chickens had been initially bred for his or her meat, however they’ve additionally gained recognition as exhibition birds and as layer hens on account of their massive measurement and delightful plumage.

Langshan chickens sometimes weigh between 7 and eight kilos, making them one of many bigger rooster breeds.

They’re additionally recognized for his or her black feathers, which give them a hanging look.

Along with their meat and eggs, Langshan chickens are additionally valued for his or her feathers, that are generally utilized in millinery and fly-fishing.

They can be raised for eggs. They’re a general-purpose rooster breed that may be stored on any sort of land.

The truth is, this is without doubt one of the few Asiatic rooster breeds that may be raised in southern parts of the USA. Whereas it does higher in chilly climate, heat climate could be tolerated in lots of instances, too.

They hardly ever turn into broody. Whereas they aren’t decided sitters, in the event that they do lay their very own eggs, the hens can be glorious moms. These hardy chickens are fast-growing and maintain as much as confinement effectively.

langshan dark brown eggs

What Shade Eggs Do Langshan Chickens Lay?

Langshan chickens are a breed of rooster that’s initially from China. Some of the distinctive options of Langshan chickens is their lengthy, V-shaped tail.

One other distinct characteristic is the colour of their eggs. Langshan chickens lay darkish brown eggs.

It is a comparatively uncommon shade for rooster eggs and it may be fairly hanging. The darkish brown shade is the results of a genetic mutation. Nonetheless, the blue eggs aren’t all the time completely darkish brown

They’ll generally have a greenish tint and even spots of lighter brown. Nonetheless, Langshan chickens are prized for his or her stunning eggs.

Are Langshan Chickens Good Egg Layers?

Whereas Langshans aren’t as fashionable as another egg-laying breeds, resembling Leghorns or Rhode Island Reds, they make glorious yard chickens and could be a welcome addition to any flock.

Langshans are calm and docile birds, they usually are inclined to do effectively in scorching climate. In addition they have very sturdy immune techniques and are proof against many frequent rooster ailments.

When it comes to egg manufacturing, Langshans are dependable layers and can typically produce greater than 200 eggs per 12 months. The eggs themselves are massive and have a deep brown shade.

If you’re searching for a rooster that’s each stunning and productive, then the Langshan is a good selection.

Langshan chickens are slow-growing so that you gained’t get eggs immediately. So, you will want to be affected person!

Nonetheless, as soon as these birds begin laying, they’ll lay reliably after six months and can proceed to be prolific layers late into their lives.

Plus, the eggs, with their brown-purple coloring, are positively price ready for!

Can You Elevate Langshan Chickens for Meat?

Langshan chickens are a well-liked breed of rooster that’s recognized for his or her chicken and flavorful pores and skin. The breed can also be recognized for being pretty massive, which makes it a sensible choice for these seeking to increase chickens for meat.

Whereas Langshan chickens could be raised for meat, it is very important take into account that they aren’t essentially the most environment friendly producers of meat.

The chickens are usually fairly slow-growing, which signifies that it takes longer for them to succeed in slaughter weight.

As well as, the birds sometimes have a better feed conversion ratio, which means that they require extra meals in an effort to produce the identical quantity of meat as different rooster breeds.

As a result of these birds are sluggish growers, it could possibly take them far more time to get to their full measurement and begin laying than different breeds of comparable backgrounds.

In consequence, elevating Langshan chickens for meat could be a dearer endeavor than elevating different kinds of chickens.

Langshan Chicken health

Langshan Hen Breed: Well being and Wellness Points

Langshan chickens are a well-liked breed of rooster recognized for his or her engaging look, however they’re additionally prone to well being issues.

One frequent difficulty is bumblefoot, a bacterial an infection that causes swelling and redness on the toes. In extreme instances, the an infection can result in lameness.

Chickens with bumblefoot can also be extra liable to different well being issues, resembling arthritis.

One other difficulty that impacts Langshans is prolapse, which is when an inner organ, such because the uterus, prolapses by the vent. This could be a life-threatening situation if not handled promptly.

As well as, Langshans are prone to Marek’s illness, a viral an infection that causes paralysis and loss of life in younger birds.

Whereas there isn’t any treatment for Marek’s illness, vaccinated chicks have a better likelihood of surviving publicity to the virus.

Consequently, it is very important pay attention to these well being points when contemplating elevating Langshan chickens.

Execs and Cons of Elevating Langshan Chickens

If you happen to’re occupied with getting chickens, you could wish to think about the Langshan breed. These birds are recognized for his or her lengthy, elegant tails and black feathering, they usually make glorious egg layers.

Nonetheless, there are additionally a number of issues to remember earlier than you make the dedication.

For one, Langshans are recognized to be fairly energetic, so they might not do effectively in a small yard coop. As well as, these birds could be liable to well being issues in the event that they’re not stored in clear circumstances.

General, the professionals and cons of elevating Langshan chickens must be fastidiously thought of earlier than making a call.

However in case you have the house and are ready to take care of them correctly, these stunning birds could make an exquisite addition to your own home.

langshan how to take care

Tips on how to Take care of Langshan Chickens

Chickens are a standard sight on many farms, and there are dozens of various breeds to select from. One fashionable breed is the Langshan rooster.

These stately birds are recognized for his or her lengthy tails and chic carriage. They’re additionally energetic foragers and make good watchdogs.

If you happen to’re considering of including some Langshan chickens to your farm, right here are some things to remember.

Langshan chickens are a well-liked selection for a lot of rooster lovers, on account of their docile nature and delightful feathers. Whereas they aren’t essentially the most energetic breed, they nonetheless require a well-balanced weight loss plan in an effort to keep wholesome.

A very good weight loss plan for a Langshan rooster ought to include high quality business rooster feed, supplemented with contemporary vegetables and fruit. spinach, kale, and different leafy greens are notably good for this breed.

As well as, Langshan chickens take pleasure in occasional treats resembling mealworms or crickets.

By offering a nutritious diet, you possibly can assist your Langshan chickens keep completely happy and wholesome for years to return.

These chickens do finest in chilly climate. They originated in China, the place winters could be brutal. So, in the event you reside in a colder local weather, they might be a sensible choice for you.

Second, they aren’t notably broody. Which means that they gained’t sit on their eggs and hatch them themselves.

You’ll must incubate the eggs if you need them to hatch. Lastly, they’re recognized for being good layers of huge brown eggs.

If you happen to’re searching for a rooster that may offer you plenty of eggs, the Langshan is an efficient possibility.

Langshan Chickens: Closing Ideas

Langshan chickens are a breed that originated in China and is thought for his or her black feathers.

They’re dual-purpose birds, which means they can be utilized for each meat and eggs. Langshans are thought of to be good layers of huge eggs, and their meat is flavorful.

If you happen to’re concerned about studying extra about this rooster breed or elevating them your self, hope this information will assist you already know extra about Langshan chickens earlier than deciding on including them to your flock!

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