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Kestrel Chicks Fly Free at Final

This movie follows the story of six beautiful kestrel chicks as, one after the other, they fledge the nest and head off to stay their lives within the wild.


A narrative with a cheerful ending

These kestrel chicks had been fortunate to outlive a collection of traumatic assaults on their nest and so it’s superb to see them now take off safely.

Trauma within the nest

Issues nearly went horribly flawed when first a jackdaw after which a barn owl invaded the nest. Nonetheless, because of their courageous dad and mom, and particularly their ferocious kestrel mum Mrs Kes, they survived the ordeal.

Watching the kestrel chicks develop

This episode takes up the story now that the chicks are three weeks outdated and creating quick. They’re simply starting to be regular on their toes, though there are a couple of tumbles!

Flight feathers

It’s attention-grabbing to observe the kestrel chick’s flight feathers rising by and to see them practise their flapping and looking strategies while within the nest.

Feeding furiously

Because the chicks become old their dad and mom spend much less time with them, however they nonetheless go to with common meals deliveries and dinner instances within the nest turn into very noisy and frenzied.

Kestrels watch world

They start to spend increasingly more time within the entrance to the nest watching the world go by. Solely the worst climate can maintain them in. Watch the worry on their faces as they expertise their first rain storm!

The eldest fledges first

It’s a delight to observe them discover their wings one after the other. Watch because the eldest is the primary to enterprise out of the nest. Because it will get up the momentum to leap out, it flaps its wings furiously, bashing one in every of its siblings on the pinnacle because it does so!



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