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Interceptor For Cats: Overview, Dosage & Facet Results

Interceptor is the model title for a month-to-month oral heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative manufactured by Elanco Animal Well being. On this article, you’ll be taught some basic product info, how Interceptor targets parasites, unwanted effects to watch for, and a few often requested questions.

Interceptor For Cats Overview

Remedy Sort:

Macrolide antiparasitic

Prescription Required?:


Life Stage:

4 weeks of age or older

Frequent Names:

Milbemycin oxime

Out there Dosages:

5.75mg (brown, cats 1.5-6lb); 11.5mg (yellow, cats 6.1-12lb); 23mg (white, cats 12.1-25lb)

Expiration Vary:

Merchandise ought to be used earlier than the expiration on the bundle. Interceptor tablets ought to be saved at room temperature.

About Interceptor For Cats

Interceptor is a month-to-month preventative remedy that targets mosquito-borne heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis), and the intestinal parasites roundworms (Toxocara cati) and hookworms (Ancylostoma tubaeforme). 

Interceptor’s lively ingredient is milbemycin oxime. Milbemycins work primarily by way of particular glutamine-gated chloride ion channels within the nervous system of the parasite. This inhibits {the electrical} exercise of nerve cells in worms, inflicting paralysis and loss of life. 

Milbemycins additionally improve the discharge of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, thereby blocking nerve conduction in worms. 

Mammals don’t have the particular glutamate-gated chloride channels of their nervous programs, making milbemycins usually secure and unhazardous. Milbemycins additionally don’t cross the blood-brain barrier, stopping them from reaching a mammal’s GABA receptors. 

As a heartworm remedy that’s FDA accredited for cats, Interceptor is a prescription merchandise that may solely be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian.

What Does Interceptor Do For Cats?

Interceptor is mostly considered a secure and efficient possibility for the prevention of heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms in cats. 

Interceptor will truly kill grownup roundworms and grownup hookworms in cats, offering remedy for present infections. 

Nonetheless, with heartworms, Interceptor has solely been proven to be efficient for as much as 45 days after preliminary an infection with heartworm larvae carried by a mosquito. As soon as the larvae mature additional and grow to be grownup worms, Interceptor can now not present remedy. 

There isn’t any accredited grownup heartworm remedy for cats. Whereas cats typically have infections attributable to only a few worms and a few cats could clear infections on their very own, cats may get extreme continual inflammatory adjustments to their lungs. Sudden loss of life may sadly be the one signal {that a} cat was contaminated with heartworms. Testing is unreliable in cats and for this reason give attention to prevention may be very essential in addressing heartworm illness in cats. 

It is very important understand, as with all preventatives, what Interceptor doesn’t do. It can not deal with or stop every other intestinal parasites aside from roundworms and hookworms, and it has no exercise in opposition to fleas and ticks. Interceptor Plus, which additionally consists of praziquantel for treating and stopping tapeworms in canines, just isn’t accredited to be used in cats. 

Facet Results Of Interceptor For Cats

Only a few cats expertise unwanted effects from Interceptor.

In response to the producer, security research involving younger cats and kittens given as much as 10 instances the really helpful dose of Interceptor skilled no drug-related in poor health results. 

In research involving almost 150 cats of a number of completely different breeds, Interceptor was used safely with vaccines, dewormers, antibiotics, flea collars, steroids, shampoos, and dips. 

It ought to be famous nonetheless, that any new oral remedy has the potential to trigger digestive upset. In canines, the commonest opposed reactions included vomiting, diarrhea, lower in urge for food, and extreme drooling/hypersalivation. 

Whereas neurologic results have been seen in canines, together with irregular gait, seizures, and convulsions, you will need to word that some canines carry what is known as the MDR1 mutation that will increase their susceptibility of neurologic unwanted effects to sure medication. Cats don’t carry this mutation and these unwanted effects haven’t been reported in cats. 

In response to the producer, security in heartworm constructive cats has not been established they usually do suggest testing previous to beginning Interceptor. 

Heartworm testing in cats just isn’t very dependable as cats could typically have a single-sex worm an infection and the take a look at is predicated on detecting the feminine worm antigen. Subsequently, if a cat has a single-sex an infection by a male worm, the take a look at will come up detrimental. 

This is the reason you will need to seek the advice of along with your vet previous to beginning Interceptor, or any heartworm prevention remedy to your cat. Cats could present different indicators of sickness that may be related to heartworms, together with asthma-like indicators reminiscent of coughing or respiratory issue.

Interceptor For Cats Dosage

Interceptor is available in completely different dosages meant for cats of various weights.

Interceptor is accredited for cats and kittens aged 6 weeks of age or older, and weighing at the least 1.5 kilos.

There are three dosage sizes of Interceptor out there for cats. Interceptor Inexperienced is for cats weighing 1.5 to six kilos (5.75 milligrams of milbemycin oxime). Interceptor Yellow is for cats weighing 6.1 to 12 kilos (11.5 milligrams of milbemycin oxime). Interceptor White is for cats weighing 12.1 to 25 kilos (23 milligrams of milbemycin oxime).

For a cat weighing greater than 25 kilos, the producer recommends combining tablets to attain the mandatory dose based mostly on weight. For instance, a 27 kilos cat would get one Interceptor White pill and one Interceptor Inexperienced pill. 

Interceptor is meant to be given as soon as month-to-month, ideally on the identical date every month. The producer recommends beginning inside 30 days of a cat’s publicity to mosquitoes (it’s because the remedy can nonetheless kill heartworm larvae for as much as 45 days). 

The chewable Interceptor tablets are formulated to be palatable and will be supplied on their very own as a deal with. Within the occasion your kitty is not going to take Interceptor by itself, the pill will be administered in meals, or damaged up into smaller items. 

If the dose of Interceptor just isn’t totally consumed, the producer does suggest giving one other full dose as quickly as attainable. 

Whereas the producer does point out giving month-to-month throughout mosquito “season,” you will need to word that mosquitoes and heartworm illness is usually a vital danger year-round in lots of areas, which is why veterinarians suggest year-round prevention, even for indoor cats. In research, as much as 25% of heartworm constructive cats have been recognized as indoor-only cats. 


Interceptor is a standard and dependable heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative that has been round for a few years and is taken into account secure and efficient. Its most important draw back is that it doesn’t present safety in opposition to fleas and ticks. 

Often Requested Questions

Can Interceptor be given to cats?

Sure, Interceptor will be given to cats, however you will need to solely use the proper dosage dimension, which embrace Interceptor Inexperienced, Yellow, and White. The packaging will point out it’s for cats and canines, and an image of each is on the entrance. 

Interceptor Plus, which comprises praziquantel for tapeworms, just isn’t accredited to be used in cats. 

What does Interceptor deal with in cats?

Interceptor for cats can actively kill grownup roundworms and hookworms, in addition to gives prevention with continued administration. For mosquito-borne heartworms, Interceptor can kill newly launched larvae for as much as their first 45 days, in addition to stop new infections. 

Interceptor can not kill later stage larvae or grownup heartworms, and doesn’t kill fleas and ticks. 

Is Interceptor nonetheless out there?

Sure, Interceptor continues to be extensively out there. Interceptor Plus for canines is now additionally out there, however doesn’t carry a label of approval for cats. 

How typically ought to Interceptor be administered?

Interceptor is designed to be administered as soon as each 30 days. The producer recommends beginning it inside 30 days of mosquito publicity and persevering with by way of the remainder of mosquito “season.”

Nonetheless, you will need to word that in lots of areas, mosquito-borne heartworm illness is a yr spherical concern, main most veterinarians to suggest utilizing prevention each month all yr. 

If a dose is missed inside 30 days of its due date, the producer recommends giving the subsequent dose as quickly as attainable. If it has been past 30 days of the final due date, the producer recommends re-evaluating a cat for attainable heartworm illness first by way of blood testing and analysis of any medical indicators by a licensed veterinarian. 



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