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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Vulcanodon (Episode 245)

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Episode 245 is all about Vulcanodon, a Jurassic sauropod that lived in an African desert surrounded by volcanoes.

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On this episode, we focus on:


  • A microraptor was discovered with an entire lizard in its abdomen that it ate face first supply
  • A shiny new dinosaur, Hesperornithoides, was present in amber with one particularly lengthy fuzzy toe supply
  • Makoshika State Park in Montana has a brand new dinosaur/paleontology tour supply
  • Dinosaur Isle Museum, within the UK, has a brand new juvenile T. rex duplicate skeleton supply
  • Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy is being held on the Isle of Wight in September supply
  • The Grand Rapids Kids’s Museum in Michigan has a brand new touring exhibit known as Superb Dinosaurs supply
  • Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Colin Trevorrow, and Blue attended the grand opening of Jurassic World the Trip supply
  • A cellular sport known as Faucet! Dig! My Museum! Is on the market on Android and iOS supply

The dinosaur of the day: Vulcanodon

  • Sauropod that lived within the Jurassic in what’s now southern Africa
  • Quadrupedal, with column-like legs, lengthy neck, lengthy tail
  • Based mostly on skeletal stays, at the least 21 ft (6.5 m) lengthy
  • Gregory Paul estimated it to be 35 ft (11 m) lengthy
  • Estimated to weigh 3.5 tonnes
  • Early, basal sauropod
  • Not a lot identified concerning the cranium or neck
  • Forelimbs have been extra much like later sauropods, about 3/4 the size of hindlimbs (proportionately lengthy)
  • Had a big claw on the primary toe of every foot
  • Claws and second and third toes have been broad and nail-like (much like Tazoudasaurus, a detailed relative sauropod present in Morocco, however not different sauropods)
  • Had spoon-shaped tooth
  • Just one species: Vulcanodon karibaensis
  • Present in 1969 in Zimbabwe
  • Discovered on an island in Lake Kariba in northern Zimbabwe (was Rhodesia). Lake Kariba is the most important man-made lake on the earth
  • Present in 1969 by B.A. Gibson, a crew collected the fossils between October 1969 and Might 1970
  • Described in a quick word at a symposium in Cape City in 1972 by Michael Raath
  • Genus identify means “volcano tooth”
  • Skeleton was present in sandstone, on Island 126/127 (no official identify), within the “Vulcanodon beds”, sediment within the Batoka Formation with flood basalts. On the time Vulcanodon lived, there was loads of volcanism and lava flows.
  • Genus identify refers back to the Roman god of fireside, Vulcanus, mixed with the Greek phrase “odon” for tooth
  • Species identify refers to Lake Kariba
  • One of many first dinosaurs present in Zimbabwe
  • Discovered a fragmentary skeleton (pelvis, sacrum, a lot of the hind limb and foot, proper forearm, proper thigh bone, and tail vertebrae). No cranium discovered
  • Geoffrey Bond and Michael Cooper discovered extra fossils later, together with a shoulder blade and a part of a neck vertebra
  • Initially regarded as a prosauropod (discovered knife-shaped tooth close to the fossils, and prosauropods might have been omnivorous). However these tooth are literally from a theropod which will have scavenged the Vulcanodon carcass
  • Raath thought at first Vulcanodon was a complicated prosauropod, then in 1975 Arthur Cruickshank confirmed it was a sauropod (Vulcanodon’s fifth toe is similar size as fifth toes on sauropods)
  • For a very long time scientists thought Vulcanodon lived within the Early Jurassic or the Triassic-Jurassic boundary and regarded as the earliest identified sauropod, however Adam Yates in 2004 discovered Vulcanodon was a lot youthful, from the Late Jurassic
  • In 2000, scientists described the sauropod Isanosaurus from Thailand, which lived within the Triassic (nicely earlier than Vulcanodon)
  • In all probability lived in a desert like surroundings
  • Vulcanodon fossils are saved in Bulawayo, within the Pure Historical past Museum of Zimbabwe

Enjoyable Truth:
Some dinosaurs might not have digested their meals absolutely, and opted to spit out components of undigested meals like owls do as we speak.



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