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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Charonosaurus (Episode 249)

Episode 249 is all about Charonosaurus, a Chinese language Parasaurolophus relative named after the ferryman from the river Styx.

We additionally interview Peter Could, founder and Proprietor of Analysis Casting Worldwide. They mounted Sue, Stan, & the Nation’s T. rex. In addition to Zuul, Patagotitan, and numerous different superb dinosaurs all over the world.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • The brand new dinosaur Adratiklit boulahfa is the oldest recognized stegosaur and the primary from Northern Africa supply
  • Two new stegosaur specimens had been fround in Montana from the Morrison Formation supply
  • Researchers on the Museum für Naturkunde modeled their Giraffatitan and located new potential makes use of for sauropod tails supply
  • In Tibet, Xing Lida and a analysis workforce began a two-week expedition to review some just lately discovered dinosaur footprints supply
  • A workforce of researchers in Utah are excavating seven Diplodocus vertebrae, destined for the brand new LANHM welcome heart supply
  • Jurassic Outpost posted about updates coming to the Jurassic World Dwell present supply
  • The Disney Channel is getting the animated sequence Moon Woman and Satan Dinosaur supply
  • Eurogamer has a enjoyable listing of video games with dinosaurs supply
  • Seems Google’s predominant workplace has a Stan the T. rex supply

The dinosaur of the day: Charonosaurus

  • Lambeosaurine hadrosaur that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now China
  • Estimated to be about 33 ft (10 m) lengthy
  • One of many largest recognized hadrosaurs from Asia
  • Discovered a partial cranium, and components of an grownup and juvenile
  • Partial cranium seems to be like a Parasaurolophus
  • Charonosaurus most likely had a protracted, hole crest like Parasaurolophus
  • Helps present that lambeosaurines lived later than their kinfolk in North America (lived later than Parasaurolophus)
  • Kind species is Charonosaurus jiayinensis
  • Present in 2000 by Godefroit, Zan, and Jin on the south financial institution of the Amur River, which divides China and Russia
  • Genus identify means “Charon’s lizard”
  • Genus identify refers to Charon, the ferryman who took souls by means of the River Styx to the land of the useless (named due to the dinosaur being discovered on the river that borders China and Russia)
  • The species identify refers to Jiayin, the locality the place it was discovered

Enjoyable Reality: When you love stegosaurs, the Morrison formation within the US is the place to be.



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