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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Alectrosaurus (Episode 198)

Episode 198 is all about Alectrosaurus, A medium sized cretaceous tyrannosaur that lived alongside aspect Gigantoraptor.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • Three juveniles of a brand new iguanodontian species named Choyrodon barsboldi have been present in Mongolia supply
  • A brand new Amargasaurus relative named Pilmatueia faundezi was present in Argentina supply
  • A fireplace destroyed a lot of the Nationwide Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro taking with it a part of the Iritator holotype, Maxakalisaurus, and plenty of different necessary fossils supply
    • They’ve requested anybody with images of the displays to ship them to t[email protected]
  • The Museum of Prehistory in Brabant, Netherlands, shall be offered with a brand new Diplodocus skeleton on October 10 supply
  • Cincinnati Museum Middle in Ohio is getting a 55% full 30 ft lengthy Torvosaurus skeleton in November supply
  • A T. rex skeleton nicknamed Roosevelt is on show on the Erin Martin Design showroom in Napa County, CA supply
  • A single industrial park in China is liable for a lot of the dinosaur animatronics created on this planet supply
  • A household in Nice Falls, Montana created a mini sauropod sculpture supply
  • Google Chrome created a birthday version of the working T. rex to have fun its tenth anniversary supply
  • Mattel launched an interactive robotic velociraptor toy referred to as “Alpha Coaching Blue” supply

The dinosaur of the day: Alectrosaurus

  • Tyrannosaurid that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Inside Mongolia, on the Iren Dabasu Formation
  • Just one species: Alectrosaurus olseni
  • Identify means “Alone lizard”
  • Present in 1923 as a part of the Third Asiatic Expedition of the American Museum of Pure Historical past, led by Walter W. Granger
  • Named in 1933 by Charles Gilmore
  • Species title in honor of George Olsen, assistant paleontologist, who found the fossils, together with an almost full proper hindlimb, a part of the correct femur, tibia, fibular, toes, hand, and a part of the pubis
  • Olsen additionally discovered a second specimen close by (included humerus, fingers, vertebrae)
  • Different fossils have been referred to Alectrosaurus, present in China and Uzbekistan
  • Medium-sized, bipedal carnivore
  • Might develop as much as 16.4 ft (5 m) lengthy, and had an identical physique form to T. rex
  • One of many prime predators of its time, together with Gigantoraptor
  • In all probability preyed on ornithischians, equivalent to Bactrosaurus and Gilmoreosaurus
  • Tibia and femur have been related in size (completely different from different tyrannosauroids, the place the tibia is longer)
  • Additionally, the hind foot and ankle have been nearer in dimension to the tibia than different tyrannosauroids (hind foot is often longer)
  • Some scientists have thought Alectrosaurus olseni was a species of Albertosaurus, however Carr in 2005 mentioned Alectrosaurus had quite a lot of distinguishing traits, and was its personal genus

Enjoyable Reality:

“odon” is traditionally one of the crucial frequent dinosaur title endings, however it’s used a lot much less typically today.


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