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I Know Dino Podcast Present Notes: Achillobator (Episode 197)

Episode 197 is all about Achillobator, a bigger dromaeosaur from cretaceous Mongolia.

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On this episode, we talk about:


  • Two new alverezsauroids had been present in China, filling the most important hole in theropod evolution supply
  • Strolling with Dinosaurs The Area Spectacular has gone on tour in Europe, with a few of the most spectacular dinosaur animatronics ever made supply
  • Expedition: Dinosaur, might be at Grand Rapids Public Museum beginning October 14. There might be life sized animatronic dinosaurs, and guests will be capable to management a few of them supply
  • Yale Peabody Museum of Pure Historical past acquired a $160 million donation from Edward P. Bass, a billionaire and philanthropist who graduated from Yale in 1967 supply
  • Congrats to Drumheller’s World’s Largest Dinosaur Construction which reached two million guests supply
  • In Sibay, Russia,a welder caught a T. rex on fireplace at an amusement park supply
  • A pair acquired engaged on the Jurassic Park journey at Common Studios Hollywood after driving it 62 occasions, breaking the park file supply
  • A fiberglass T. rex head is on the market on Okaloosa Island, in Florida supply
  • Parkasaurus, a sim the place you’ll be able to construct your individual dinosaur park, is opening up early entry on Steam September 25 supply

The dinosaur of the day: Achillobator

  • Dromaeosaurid theropod that lived within the Cretaceous in what’s now Mongolia
  • Present in 1989 on a Mongolian and Russian subject expedition, within the Bayan Shireh Formation of Dornogovi Province
  • Named in 1999 by Altangerel Perle, Mark Norell, Jim Clark
  • Solely the holotype has been discovered, and consists of a part of the higher jaw with tooth, vertebrae, rib fragments, pelvis, left femur and tibia, hindlimbs, forelimbs, shoulder
  • Estimated to be 16.4 to 19.7 ft (5 to six m) lengthy (fairly massive for a dromaeosaur)
  • Might have weighed as much as 771 lb (350 kg)
  • Kind species is Achillobator gigantas
  • Title means “Achilles hero”, named after Achilles, the traditional Greek warrior who fought within the Trojan Warfare, and the Mongolian phrase baatar, which implies “hero”
  • Title is due to its massive Achilles tendon, linked to its sickle claws (most likely had a strong tendon as a result of it was a big dromaeosaur)
  • Species identify comes from the Greek phrase gigantas, which implies “large,” and refers to Achillobator’s massive dimension for a dromaeosaur
  • Bipedal carnivore
  • Had serrated, recurved tooth
  • Hunted and used it’s sickle-shaped claws
  • Femur was 3% longer than tibia, which is uncommon for dromaeosaurs
  • Pelvis has primitive characteristcs in comparison with different dromaeosaurs (had a large enlargement on the finish, in comparison with different dromaeosaurs, and pubis factors vertically down, although different dromaeosaurs and birds have a pubis that factors backwards)
  • Some scientists although Achillobator was a fossil chimera, however not everybody believes this (many fossils had been discovered semi-articulated, and so they have the identical colour and preservation)
  • Different dinosaurs the lived in the identical time and place included the therizinosaurid Segnosaurus, the deinocheirid Garudimimus, the ankylosaurid Talarurus, sauropods, and tyrannosaroids

Enjoyable Reality:

Ovoviviparity means holding eggs inside till they hatch, whereas oviparity means laying eggs lengthy earlier than they hatch


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