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Hens Can Develop Spurs, Too

All chickens have spur buds. Roosters are well-known for his or her spur buds creating into full-blown spurs. However hen’s can develop spurs, too.

Whereas some roosters — notably sure strains of Cubalaya — keep solely rudimentary spurs, some hens develop lengthy rooster-like spurs. As with roosters, the longer the spur, the older the hen.

Which Hens Have Spurs?

Usually talking, hens of the higher laying breeds are extra probably than others to develop mature spurs. Hens among the many Mediterranean breeds — comparable to Buttercup, Leghorn, and Minorca — generally develop lengthy spurs.

Recreation breed hens are additionally recognized for spur grown. Many breeders of sport fowl favor hens with spurs as a result of they have an inclination to make fierce moms and produce one of the best offspring. Jeff Smith of Cackle Hatchery® is amongst those that favor Previous English Recreation hens with spurs, a trait that signifies unique bloodlines.

Hens of different breeds additionally sometimes develop lengthy spurs. Examples embody Polish and Welsumer (Continental breeds), New Hampshire and Rhode Island Purple (American breeds), and Australorp and Orpington (English breeds). Amongst most hens, spur improvement doesn’t change into apparent till they’re two or three years outdated.

Do a Hen’s Spurs Want Trimming?

Though some hens can get fairly feisty, hardly ever does a hen use her spurs as a deadly weapon, like a rooster would possibly. Nonetheless, identical to a rooster’s spurs, a hen’s spurs can develop too lengthy, interfering with correct mobility. A uncared for spur might develop so lengthy it curls again into the leg.leghorn hen spur

If the hen is sporting an identification leg band, a spur that grows above the leg band might lead to binding. A spur or leg band that turns into imbedded in a leg could cause lameness.

For these causes, lengthy spurs on a hen might require grooming infrequently. Trim a hen’s spurs precisely the identical approach you’d trim a rooster’s spurs. Since hen’s can develop spurs, too, regulate your women’ legs in addition to your gents’.

And that’s right now’s information from the Cackle Coop.

Gail Damerow is the writer of Storey’s Information to Elevating Chickens.



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