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Fisher Cat: How one can Shield Your Chickens from Them

Fearless, vicious, sneaky, and lethal; is the widespread notion of a fisher cat.

Whereas a few of that is true, we are going to take a look at this solitary creature after which assess how one can greatest defend your chickens from predation.

The native Indian folks admired the bravery and talent of this solitary hunter of their native tales and imagery.

Recognized by the Indian names of uskool, pekane, or wejack, relying on the locale of the tribe, the fisher cat was revered as a very good, courageous, and normally as a hero.

This text discusses the fisher cat and the way it normally assaults yard chickens. We’ll then clarify the perfect methods to forestall assaults.

Fisher Cat How to Protect Your Chickens

What’s a Fisher Cat?

Fisher Cat Attacking Chickens

A fisher cat (Martes pennanti) is a member of the weasel household – together with minks, otters, and pine martens.

Regardless of the title ‘fisher cat,’ it’s not associated to ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Tom’ – nor does it eat fish! They’re usually solitary animals besides throughout mating season.

A Fisher cat can develop to round 2½ toes lengthy and weigh between 4½ – 12lb, so it’s not an enormous animal, extra like a home cat measurement. They’ve a really dense darkish brown fur lighter across the head and neck areas. Fur shade can fluctuate from one locale to a different.

They’re daring hunters of many species – chickens are a type of meals. They’re clever and fearless and have been recognized to hunt and kill porcupines.

There have been reported occasional uncommon situations the place a fisher cat has entered homes to kill small cats and canine – these reviews stay unconfirmed.

Any such assault can be an exception as fishers normally keep properly away from human habitats and open locations the place they may simply be caught and killed.

What Do Fisher Cats Eat?

What Do Fisher Cats Eat Wyandotte Chickens

Though they’re primarily generalist eaters, they’ll simply seek out squirrel (favourite), chipmunks, mice and beavers. They may also eat berries and nuts and even carrion if essential.

Rooster is, in fact, on everybody’s purchasing record, however assaults on coops are comparatively uncommon. Free-range chickens which can be allowed out to woodland edges are seemingly targets.

To place it in perspective, your flock members usually tend to be killed by raccoons, foxes, and coyotes than fishers.

The place Is A Fisher Cat Often Discovered?

They was once discovered over a lot of the US and Canada, however people hunted them nearly to extinction.

With help from the Parks and Wildlife companies, they’ve been re-introduced to most of the northern states and elements of Canada.

States like Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Washington, Montana, and Michigan have wholesome fisher populations.

They’re additionally present in Quebec.

Their favourite areas are riparian woods and forests, the place they will hunt and journey with out worry of discovery. They’ll vary for 3-5 miles of their searching territory. The favourite occasions of day for exercise are daybreak and nightfall, which makes them crepuscular creatures.

They’ll climb bushes very properly however not often accomplish that, preferring to hunt on the forest flooring. They’ve ankle joints that may rotate nearly 180 levels, so they’re one of many few mammals that may come down from a tree head first!

How Do Fisher Cats Usually Assault Chickens?

As we’ve got famous, a well-protected coop is uninviting to a fisher cat.

They won’t normally waste time on ‘staking out’ a cell to be taught the routine of the occupants (as foxes and raccoons have been recognized to do); they like to hunt by stealth and crafty.

Nonetheless, in case your coop has weak areas in protection, they are going to be exploited – by all of the neighborhood predators.

Home windows or vents with out ample safety are a favourite entry level; fishers are very nimble and climb properly. They’re small and versatile, so extra minor entry factors pose no drawback.

Chicken Tractor Example

How one can Forestall A Fisher Cat Assault

You should definitely cowl your home windows and vents with ½ inch {hardware} mesh and fasten fastidiously to the body.

By chance leaving coop doorways or home windows open at night time can tempt a fisher cat in, too, so make sure you lock up at night time. Typically if I get distracted locking up at night time, I’ve been recognized to do three checks of every coop for security!

Excessive wire fences across the run and coop are a very good deterrent, particularly if you happen to run a ‘sizzling wire’ on the prime.

Once more, it’s best to use {hardware} mesh for the underside three toes of the run space.

A fisher cat has sharp tooth and claws, so that they don’t have any issue chewing or tearing via hen wire.

Bear in mind: Rooster wire retains chickens in – it doesn’t maintain predators out!

Take away any ‘cowl’ inside 50 toes or extra of your coop. By rising the visibility round your coop, you make the world much less engaging to predators.

Trim any bushes or overhanging branches, if you happen to can, to discourage climbing.

Movement sensor lights at night time may also assist deter a big selection of attainable predators. Nobody likes to be spotlighted at night time whereas doing nefarious deeds.

This specific predator likes to hunt at nightfall and daybreak, so maintaining your birds locked up till daylight and having them penned up by night may also cut back your dangers of an assault.

Fisher Cat Attack

Indicators of a Fisher Cat Assault

Since a fisher cat hunts within the morning and night, these are the hours of highest vulnerability to your chickens. You’ll be unlikely to catch an assault in progress.

Fishers might kill one or two birds, often extra in the event that they attempt to cache meals for the exhausting occasions forward. They have a tendency to chew on the rear finish of their prey and pull the intestines out.

Their monitor is much like a fox or home cat in having a 4-5 toes imprint and a ‘C’ formed pad print. Poop seems similar to a fox, so it may be exhausting to pinpoint your hen killer. Wildlife biologists imagine that many kills attributed to fishers are in truth fox or coyote.

They’re slowly transferring nearer to city areas, so it’s not unattainable to see one, however it’s a timid and secretive animal sometimes.

Nonetheless, if you happen to see any of those indicators, be vigilant. Hold your hens locked of their coop in the course of the nighttime and solely allow them to out throughout sunlight hours.

Defending Your Chickens From Fisher Cats: Abstract

In actuality, the fisher cat is a extremely in a position hunter, however you might be unlikely to be bothered by them attacking your coops and runs.

Chickens, geese, or different poultry that take pleasure in rooting via the sides of woodlands are way more more likely to turn out to be victims of an assault.

I’ve seen a fisher up shut and private, and I used to be impressed by the obvious fearlessness of the creature.

It didn’t again away from the trail – I did.

I think about the encounter was a bit scary for each of us, however luckily, I’ve seen no indicators of the creature since that day.

It’s suggested to not tangle with a fisher as they’ll assault in the event that they really feel threatened or cornered and may inflict extreme injury on a human.

If you would like a canine to protect your livestock, make certain your canine is in a position sufficient to resist an assault from this creature.

Sadly, this little creature will get blamed for assaults which can be extra more likely to be fox or raccoon in nature, however being alert to the potential for assault is half the battle.

When you have your whole safety ramped as much as deter raccoons, you’ll nearly certainly maintain fishers away.

Though some of us have certainly had recorded footage of fishers inflicting mischief within the run and surrounding areas, these assaults are uncommon and rare.

Have you ever handled the fisher cat attacking your chickens earlier than? Tell us within the feedback part under…

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Fisher Cat- How to Protect Your Chickens



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