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Every thing You Have to Know Concerning the Blue Heeler Lab Combine | Pet Facet

The Blue Heeler Lab combine breed is an clever, caring, lively canine crammed with love, adoration, loyalty, and seemingly boundless vitality. A implausible mixture of herder canine and repair canine, The Blue Heeler Lab combine mixed two terribly clever breeds to create a dependable and loveable companion for any proprietor.

For something pondering of getting a Blue Heeler Lab Combine pet, and even for anybody that’s merely fascinated about figuring out somewhat bit extra about these fabulous pups, we’ve put collectively this information chock stuffed with attention-grabbing information, tidbits, and data we expect you’d prefer to know.

Breed Overview:

  • Peak: 17-25 inches
  • Weight: 35-80 kilos
  • Life Expectancy: 10-16 years
  • Power Ranges: Average
  • Temperament: Loyal, Clever, eager-to-please, playful, energetic, hard-working, protecting
  • Appropriate For: Working houses, households, lively houses
  • NOT Appropriate For: Aged houses, houses with restricted area, solidarity

It’s price noting that with the Blue Heeler Lab being a blended breed, it’s doable for them to develop to be the identical measurement because the smallest Blue Heeler or the biggest Labrador Retriever. Very similar to with people, there’s no figuring out precisely how they are going to be born as Labraheeler breeding is a genetic gamble.

What Is a Blue Heeler Lab Combine?

The Blue Heeler Lab combine (often known as the Labraheeler) is a crossbreed that’s made up of an Australian Cattle Canine and the Labrador Retriever. The 2 breeds that make up the Blue Heeler Lab Combine are each extraordinarily clever, high-energy canine, nevertheless, the Blue Heeler is a herding canine, whereas the Labrador Retriever is a Gun Canine. Thankfully, as each are working breeds it does make them extremely prone to coaching and nice for working environments.

Blue Heeler Lab Mixes are identified for not solely being extraordinarily hard-working, however they’re additionally kind-hearted, clever, playful, loyal, decided, and make implausible companions for each massive lively households and particular person individuals.

Nonetheless, it’s extremely really helpful that anybody pondering of getting a blue heeler Lab combine is assured in coaching them. On account of their sturdy work ethic and excessive intelligence they will have a irritating stubbornness about them of their youth. Blue Heeler Lab mixes require someone who understands what it takes to get the perfect outcomes while nonetheless sustaining a powerful bond.

Breed Information:

Young black dog carrying orange ball across yard

  • The Blue Heeler Lab combine may be very kind-natured and appropriate for households.
  • Its Blue Heeler canine parentage makes this an especially energetic canine breed.
  • Blue Heelers are herding canine and Labrador Retrievers are looking canine, so each are extremely energetic.
  • The Labrador parentage offers the Labraheeler the next prey drive.
  • A Blue Heeler Lab combine requires agency coaching and a assured handler in the beginning.
  • Blended breed canine like Lab Heelers are inclined to have fewer hereditary well being issues.
  • This breed goes by a number of names, together with; Labraheeler, Lab Heeler, Blue Heeler Lab, Blue Lab Heeler, and the straightforward Blue Heeler Lab combine.

Blue Heeler Lab Combine Breed Historical past

Blue Heeler Lab mixes usually are not pure-bred canine; they’re a mixture of two purebred mum or dad breeds – Australian Cattle Canines (aka Blue Heeler) and Labrador Retrievers.

Blue heeler lab mixes are comparatively new on the earth of canine breeding. Due to this there may be not almost as a lot identified about this breed as we’d like on the subject of their historical past. Due to this fact, we will solely deduce their historical past from the histories of their respective mum or dad breeds.

There may be each risk that the creation of the Lab Blue Heeler combine got here to go naturally with the dad and mom coming collectively and producing this stunning pet b completely pure means. This would definitely account for the restricted quantity of knowledge on provide by way of the general historical past of Lab Blue Heelers.

Nonetheless, their recognition as a breed would counsel that this breed shortly entered the purpose-bred pet market as soon as breeders seen how beloved they’re. Objective breeding of hybrids gained recognition across the flip of the century, due to this fact we might deduce that it’s seemingly the Blue Heeler Lab combine made its first actual look round that point.

Blue Heeler Lab Combine Look

A beautiful black mixed breed

The Lab Heeler combine is classed as a medium-sized breed. As is the case with many animals, the males are barely heavier and taller than the females. The Labrador retriever can be susceptible to extreme weight achieve in outdated age, that means a fastidiously balanced eating regimen is important for his or her well-being in outdated age.

Physique and Head

Blue Heelers are usually extra slender and leaner than Labradors, whereas Labrador Retrievers are sometimes massive and softer in look.  When combining the 2 breeds the ensuing canine are inclined to have the look of a bigger, softer Blue Heeler. Blue Heeler mixes typically take loads of their look from the Australian Cattle canine as their fur sort and sample is sort of dominant.

When it comes to the face, a Blue Heeler has a narrower, extra tapered muzzle than the Labrador, nevertheless, it’s typically seen that Blue Heeler Lab mixes inherit the bigger head of the Labrador mum or dad. The canine’s ears can be wherever from pointed and erect just like the Blue Heeler, or floppy and pleasant just like the Labrador – you could even get a mixture of the 2.

Coat Sort and Coloration

The Blue Heeler Lab combine sometimes has a barely thicker coat than Labradors due to the Blue Heeler mum or dad. Which means that they will deal with chilly climate somewhat higher than a purebred Labrador, particularly seeing as Blue Heelers are bred to work in all climate situations. Nonetheless, this does additionally imply that their thicker coats usually tend to shed closely throughout shedding season.

Blue Heelers are additionally superbly patterned canine, so for instance, when you have a chocolate lab blue heeler combine, the probabilities are that the ensuing pup will decide up the wealthy chocolate colour while additionally having the noticed, brindle, striped, or mottled look of a Blue Heeler with a base colour of brown, gray, or white.


An Australian Cattle Canine Lab combine can stand as tall as 25 inches and weigh wherever between 35 and 80 kilos. Nonetheless, a small aspect observe is that females are often an inch or two shorter and may very well be wherever as much as 5-10 kilos lighter than males.

As beforehand talked about, as they aren’t purebred canine, they will take after both of their dad and mom on the subject of look, measurement, weight, and temperament, so any Blue Heeler Lab combine proprietor needs to be ready for the other ways in while the pet might develop.

The Blue Heeler Lab Combine Character

As cute as Lab Heeler puppies may be, they do nonetheless include their difficulties and quirks. Due to this fact it’s price figuring out somewhat extra in regards to the temperament of those cute pups if you happen to’re pondering of getting one for your self.


Their excessive intelligence might be each a blessing and a curse with this stunning breed. Clever could cause cussed habits with correct coaching initially. Nonetheless, if you happen to’re affected person, persistent, and use loads of optimistic reinforcement, they are going to be taught shortly and effectively, to such a degree the place Many Lab Heeler homeowners entrust their Labraheelers with easy family duties, not solely to keep up obedience however to maintain their minds extra lively.

That is additionally an excellent mix of two very loyal canine breeds that develop sturdy bonds with their households. That loyalty can typically be proven by means of protecting habits, so it’s price monitoring your canine for any indicators that their protectiveness is changing into an issue.

They’re eager-to-please, fast learners, kind-hearted, playful, and energetic. These loveable traits make the Blue Heeler Lab combine an excellent household canine, as long as the kids throughout the household are taught to deal with them correctly.

Different Pets and Animals

A well-trained Lab Heeler shouldn’t have any actual problem with different pets as long as it’s correctly skilled and socialized from an early age. Although there is no such thing as a assure that everybody’s pet goes to love them again. They’re sometimes fairly boisterous and are comparatively massive, that means they are often unnerving for smaller pets corresponding to different canine (particularly small breeds) and cats.


A Blue Heeler Lab combine may be very playful and comparatively straightforward to maintain entertained, although this completely is dependent upon how nicely exercised you retain them on a day-to-day foundation. As a result of they’re an lively and clever breed Blue Heeler Labs can generally tend to develop damaging habits as a way of dealing with their boredom. They will additionally grow to be considerably delinquent and troublesome if they’re pissed off.

The important thing factor to bear in mind when taking care of a Lab Heeler is that they’re extraordinarily clever canine as they’re born of two clever breeds, this implies they not solely want bodily stimulation however psychological stimulation as nicely. A number of good methods to keep up psychological stimulation embody:

  • Instructing them names for his or her toys
  • Obedience coaching
  • Puzzle toys
  • Canine sports activities
  • Pet coaching lessons
  • Socializing
  • Work duties
  • Instructing them new methods

With Youngsters

Family Sitting in Front of Their Home

Labrador Heeler combine canine are extraordinarily loyal to their households, together with massive and young children. In reality, they typically develop sturdy bonds with kids particularly as a result of kids are capable of entertain them with video games and interplay when adults are maybe too busy to take action.

Although as beforehand defined this loyalty can typically result in them changing into overly protecting, which might present itself as aggression in conditions the place they really feel their household may very well be threatened. The sort of habits is one thing you may practice your Lab Heeler out of if you happen to discover it beginning to kick in.

This can be very essential that any little one you assume may have shut contact along with your Blue Heeler Lab combine pet is conscious of learn how to deal with it correctly. If a canine begins to really feel threatened or particularly pressured the probability of them lashing out grows considerably. Youngsters can typically get overexcited round canine, which may end up in them changing into unintentionally heavy-handed and invasive. When a baby is invading a canine’s area when it desires to be left alone it could result in them getting growled at, barked at, snapped at, and even bitten in additional extreme circumstances.

As long as kids are conscious of the methods by which they need to method canine, and know to depart nicely sufficient alone when the canine is displaying indicators of wanting area, there shouldn’t be any points. It is rather uncommon {that a} canine would really chunk a baby except they really feel they don’t have any different selection, sometimes they’re extra more likely to snap or bark at them in a warning.

Blue Lab Heeler Combine Care

Their brief coats and usually straightforward temperaments make Blue Heeler Labs comparatively low upkeep. Grooming particularly is a reasonably easy affair (relying on the colour of the canine). For anybody pondering of adopting an Australian Cattle Canine Lab combine, listed here are just a few fairly and straightforward ideas for caring for the breed.


Although Blue Lab Heelers do have thicker fur on account of their blue heeler parentage (who naturally have a thick double-layered coat), the truth that the fur is sort of brief makes it a lot simpler to handle. Moreover, their fur will not be fairly as thick as a pure-blood Blue Heeler.

Merely brushing your Blue Heeler lab a few occasions per week will suffice with retaining on prime of their shedding. Although within the change of the seasons you could have to up this to 3-4 occasions per week to compensate for any coat blowing they may be doing (by which massive quantities of fur are dropped in a small area of time).

A shower as soon as each few months needs to be wonderful for total cleanliness, although if you happen to’ve bought your self a Blue Heeler Lab combine with pale fur (corresponding to a yellow Labrador combine) you could have to wash them extra ceaselessly to maintain up appearances.


An lively way of life is good for a Labraheeler as the 2 breeds they’re a mixture of have been initially bred for laborious work, making this an especially high-energy canine. This may be fairly demanding on new homeowners, so you’ll want to plan how you propose to train your Labrador Blue Heeler combine pup earlier than adopting one.

Lab Heelers totally get pleasure from going for a run, being lively canine, and might achieve loads of advantages from all kinds of train choices corresponding to:

  • Agility coaching lessons
  • Going for runs
  • Mountain climbing
  • Doggy play dates
  • Canine park visits
  • Biking (in the event that they’re capable of run quick sufficient to maintain up)
  • Swimming, (although they could not essentially wish to do that)

Blue Heeler Lab Well being


Thankfully, the Labrador Heeler combine canine’s well being is fairly good when in comparison with different purebred canine. This is because of the truth that when two breeds are crossed their hereditary well being situations are diluted, and even weeded out altogether in some circumstances – making blended breeds naturally stronger in opposition to the problems that impacted the mum or dad breeds.

Although that is no assure that these well being situations gained’t nonetheless rear their ugly heads, due to this fact it’s price figuring out the completely different situations that have an effect on each the Australian Cattle Canine and Labrador Retriever breeds so that you could be ready for something they could have problem with of their life:

Hip Dysplasia – This can be a situation that impacts the hip joints, inflicting them to dislocate simply, resulting in lameness, ache, and mobility. It may be handled with physiotherapy, medicine, and in some circumstances surgical procedure. Nonetheless, it’s not a situation that may be absolutely cured, sadly.

Hyperthyroidism – Hyperthyroidism sometimes impacts a canine’s potential to keep up regular physique weight. Hyperthyroidism additionally impacts their vitality manufacturing, leading to a canine that may seem hyperactive. This hyperactivity may also set off anxiousness because it causes their coronary heart charge to extend. Thankfully, hyperthyroidism is treatable with the fitting medicine.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy – Progressive retinal atrophy impacts your canine’s imaginative and prescient and is seen with most canine breeds, very similar to with people. It typically worsens with age and might ultimately result in partial or full blindness. Sadly, there is no such thing as a therapy for this situation.

Arthritis – A typical drawback with canine well being is the impression on the joints. Arthritis causes the joints to stiffen painfully. Sadly, there is no such thing as a remedy for arthritis, although there are therapies that may assist to ease among the signs.

Lipoma – Lipomas are benign tumors of fats that develop underneath the pores and skin and might develop to any measurement. Skilled canine homeowners with senior pups might have already come throughout this drawback. It may be handled with surgical procedure, although one tumor often results in extra sooner or later.

Deafness – An issue that usually impacts the Blue Heeler, your Lab Heeler might start to lose its listening to because it will get older, this can grow to be extra noticeable and recognizable by how nicely they reply to being known as. Remedy is feasible relying on the reason for the deafness.

While there may be extra of an opportunity of you having a wholesome canine for the whole lot of your canine’s life, there may be all the time the opportunity of a well being situation cropping up – particularly in outdated age. Simply be aware of your pup and search skilled assist out of your veterinarian if you happen to’re ever frightened.

The place Can I Get a Lab Blue Heeler Combine?

Black Labrador mix

These fabulous, loveable, hard-working canine are consistently rising in recognition. Nonetheless, as a result of the Labraheeler will not be formally acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership, it may be troublesome to discover a respected breeder who particularly breeds Lab Heeler combine puppies.

In consequence, we might suggest chatting with breeders of both of the purebred dad and mom or rescue organizations for these breeds that could possibly present some info to assist along with your search. An Australian Cattle Canine Membership might know of breeders that need to create a blended breed. The identical might be stated of Labrador Retriever golf equipment.

Blue Heelers are typically fairly wanted as these energetic canine are exceptionally good herding canine and are sometimes in demand for herding cattle as working canine. Crossbreed canine with Blue Heeler parentage are due to this fact often the extra reasonably priced and accessible possibility for somebody not trying to get themselves an excellent household canine that’s not wanted particularly for herding work.

Undertake The place Doable

The Australian Cattle Canine Labrador Retriever combine might even be discovered typically rescue shelters, as their very excessive vitality and robust herding intuition can typically show troublesome for inexperienced homeowners. This, sadly, results in them being surrendered or deserted.

Each canine deserves a second likelihood at life, and you could discover the fitting canine for you is solely awaiting adoption. By adopting a canine you discourage pet mills from force-breeding

Continuously Requested Questions:

Q: What’s the finest work for a Blue Heeler Lab combine?

A: It’s doable for Labraheelers to grow to be service canine owing to their Labrador parentage and their intelligence which permits them to adapt to nearly any job position. Moreover, they might work as looking canine (as Labradors are traditionally used as gun canine) and even herding due to their Australian Cattle Canine parentage.

Q: Are Blue Heeler Lab Mixes aggressive?

A: Not as long as they’re raised socialized and skilled correctly from an early age, there is no such thing as a motive a Lab Heeler would present aggression to anybody. Although they are often protecting which might result in aggression in extreme circumstances.

Q: Are Labraheelers purebred canine?

A: No. Blue Heeler Lab is a blended breed created from two purebred mum or dad breeds – the Australian Cattle Canine (aka the Blue Heeler), and the Labrador Retriever.



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