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Episode 389: Your Questions Answered

Episode 389: Your Questions Answered. Dinosaurs in Antarctica, how lengthy people would survive alongside dinosaurs within the Mesozoic, and lots of extra questions answered.

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We reply the next questions:

  • What “Dino of the day” most shocked you / most you in researching it for an episode?
  • What well-known dino area expedition would you preferred to have been a part of?
  • Who of the early paleontologists do you want you might have interviewed?
  • In the event you needed to take a aspect within the Bone Wars, would it not be Marsh or Cope?
  • Will there ever be an opportunity that your favourite teams of dinosaurs (sauropods and ankylosaurs) might change?
  • What are your favourite non-saurian extinct animals?
  • Do you might have historic plant or fungal life you discover attention-grabbing?
  • Did you might have a favourite dinosaur toy rising up?
  • How lengthy would a human survive within the early-Triassic, mid-Jurassic, or end-Cretaceous?
  • What’s the Coolest fossil you might have discovered or seen?
  • What makes Velociraptor (and different feathered dinosaurs) dinosaurs and never birds?
  • Which fossil most appears to be lacking from the report, however you hope or count on to be discovered? Possibly a feathered T. rex?
  • What’s—and isn’t—recognized about dinosaur pores and skin? How is it recognized, delicate tissue preservation?
  • Do you might have a routine for the way you do the analysis for every episode?
  • Is there a particular specimen you wish to go to and see sometime?
  • Have any dinosaur fossils been discovered within the in Antarctica? Is their any likelihood any pores and skin, bone and so on could possibly be locked within the permafrost?



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The dinosaur of the day: Proa

  • Basal iguanodont that lived within the Early Cretaceous in what’s now Teruel Province, Spain (Escucha Formation)
  • Appears like different iguanodonts, with an extended tail, cumbersome physique, and will stroll on all fours
  • Had a comparatively giant head and was stocky
  • Estimated to be 23 to 26 ft (7 to eight m) lengthy
  • Sort and solely species is Proa valdearinnoensis
  • Described in 2012 by Andrew McDonald and others
  • Genus title means “prow”, and refers back to the pointed form of the predentary bone (decrease jaw), that appears just like the bow on a ship
  • Species title refers to Val de Ariño, the standard title for the coal mines, close to the place the fossils have been discovered
  • Not less than six people discovered, together with a partial skeleton and practically full cranium (5 specimens described within the paper)
  • Greater than 340 bones discovered
  • Initially reported in 2005, as fragmentary stays from an indeterminate basal iguanodont
  • Sister taxon to Batyrosaurus
  • Distinctive options embody the predentary coming to some extent on the rostral margin (the tip)
  • Helps fill a niche within the fossil report of basal European iguanodonts
  • Three braincases discovered (two nicely preserved)
  • CT scanned the braincases, and located that its encephalization quotient (EQ) was about 3.6, which is fairly excessive
  • Helps present that there was the next EQ for a short while in some ornithopods (not simply theropods)
  • Hypothesized that this larger EQ might have led to residing in teams and caring for younger
  • Lived in a swampy surroundings with conifers, ferns, and flower vegetation
  • Greater than 11,000 fossils discovered within the space since 2010
  • Fossils present in amber within the space (usually bugs, but in addition mammal hair and a fraction of dinosaur feather)
  • Have additionally lately discovered blood-sucking mosquitoes and dinosaur fossils collectively, which implies mosquitoes might have bit the dinosaurs
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the identical time and place embody the nodosaurid Europelta, allosauroids, iguanodontids, and titanosauriformes
  • Different animals embody fish, turtles, crocodiles, mammals, and bugs

Enjoyable Reality:

The phrase “mark” is a crucial time period in ichnology, however its precise that means is disputed.

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