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Do Fleas Die In The Winter?

do fleas die in the winter

Do fleas die within the winter? Fleas. Wonderful how such a small phrase can encourage concern within the hearts of any pet mum or dad. When you’ve ever needed to battle a flea infestation, you recognize simply how resistant and resilient these itchy little pests may be. However is there a colder time of 12 months when fleas mysteriously vanish for some time? Fleas survive all 12 months round, but when they’re under freezing for a number of days they’ll begin to deplete. However that’s unlikely to be the case temperature clever in your heated house! At the moment we’ll have a look at what occurs to canine fleas in numerous climates, and why it’s vital to flea deal with your canine usually, even within the chilly months. We’ll stroll you thru precisely what it is advisable learn about fleas in winter, so you’ll be able to preserve your pet protected and your property flea-free.


Do Fleas Die In The Winter Chills?

So do fleas die in winter when temperatures drop? The reply right here is it relies upon. Is determined by what, you may ask? It depends upon the temperature and the life stage of the flea. Fleas are most susceptible to chilly temperatures when they’re within the grownup life stage. However even then, temperatures must be at freezing or under and keep there for a number of consecutive days earlier than the fleas will begin to die.

After all, that is solely legitimate if the fleas we’re speaking about live outside. If the fleas live inside your own home with you, it is going to be good and heat and comfy in there and they’ll survive simply superb all winter lengthy.

Understanding the Flea Life Cycle

To actually perceive why even chilly temperatures typically aren’t sufficient to kill fleas, it helps to know the 4 phases of the flea life cycle. Grownup fleas are the least proof against chilly temperatures. However what are the opposite three phases of the flea life cycle and may chilly climate kill fleas in these phases of life as nicely?

The flea has 4 life phases: egg, larva, pupa, grownup. Every life stage has completely different vulnerabilities if you’re attempting to rid your property and your pet of fleas. Grownup fleas will need to have a blood meal earlier than they’ll mate and lay eggs. However inside two days of a blood meal, the feminine grownup flea will lay 20 to 40 eggs each single day for a number of days in a row!

Do Flea Eggs Die In The Winter?

Flea eggs hatch in a few week, producing larvae. The larvae exist solely to eat. They’ll eat and eat and eat for as much as 20 days earlier than getting into the pupa stage. Right here is the place the actually unhealthy information is available in.

Cocooned pupae are so resilient they’ll survive as much as 100 days with none meals in any respect. Solely when the pupa senses the presence of a blood meal – normally by means of the vibrations of close by motion or close by heat – will it hatch and start the flea life cycle over again.

So because of this it will probably take a number of weeks and even months to rid your property of fleas. At any given level you’ll have fleas in all 4 life phases residing underneath your roof (and in your canine or cat).

Do Fleas Die In The Winter When It’s Under Freezing?

Can cats and canines nonetheless get fleas in winter? You aren’t going to love the reply. Sure, cats and canines can nonetheless get fleas when it’s chilly exterior. Fleas desire temperatures between 65 and 80 levels Fahrenheit (18 and 26 levels Celsius). Nonetheless, fleas residing outside in winter can readily survive a number of back-to-back days of below-freezing temperatures earlier than lastly succumbing.

Partly, it’s because fleas will take shelter in hotter areas like attics, crawl areas, garages and porches or bury themselves in an animal’s coat to attend till the chilly entrance passes. And inside the typical house, temperatures are sometimes within the best temperature vary for a flea year-round. This may make it much more labor-intensive to rid your property of fleas.

do fleas die in winter

Does My Canine Want Flea Therapy In The Winter?

Many an unsuspecting cat or canine mum or dad has found to their dismay that it isn’t sensible to cease pet flea therapies in winter. No flea of their proper thoughts would go up an opportunity to journey out the chilly winter buried in your cat or canine’s fur coat….or in your carpet or between your floorboards for that matter.

And since fleas breed so readily and prolifically, only one single flea can rapidly multiply into a whole bunch. Because of this, veterinarians strongly advise towards stopping your cat or canine’s flea remedy in the course of the winter.

What To Do If Your Pet Will get Fleas In The Winter

There is no such thing as a good time to find your pet has fleas. And now you recognize that the time of 12 months or climate season seemingly isn’t going that can assist you out in the case of ridding your heat winter house of a flea infestation. So what must you do first and subsequent in case your pet will get fleas in winter?

First, it is very important deal with your pet earlier than you are taking another motion to deal with your property. It is because animals are the flea’s most well-liked host. So long as your pet is offered as a number, you gained’t be capable to do a lot to take away fleas elsewhere in your house.

Your veterinarian can advise the perfect course of fast remedy to make use of along with your cat or canine. From there, the neatest avenue is to work with pest management professionals who can deal with fleas in all 4 life cycle phases on the identical time.

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When Do Fleas Die In The Winter?

Regardless of ample proof that fleas can survive fairly chilly temperatures with ease, the parable that fleas die within the winter persists. Now that you simply perceive how hardy these tiny pests actually are, you may make positive your cat or canine is protected towards fleas all 12 months lengthy. This can guarantee your property is protected year-round as nicely.

Have you ever ever skilled a winter flea infestation? What did you do to eliminate the fleas? Put up your tales within the feedback and tell us.

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