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Cubalaya Hen: Origin, Temperament and Traits

Have you ever ever seen a long-tailed Cubalaya rooster? This breed is taken into account the rockstar on the exhibition flooring and its ineffable magnificence stands out in a crowd of chickens. 

It’s primarily a decorative breed within the US, however don’t underestimate this magnificence as a result of there’s extra to them than what meets the attention.

At present, we’ll talk about the reply to crucial questions on Cubalaya chickens:

  • Colourful historical past and origin and distinct traits
  • Egg-laying proficiency and meat high quality
  • PLUS! Care suggestions for this unique Cuban fowl

Should you’re trying so as to add this decorative rooster to your current flock, this text will assist you to make the fitting choice. However let’s dive proper into how and why it was developed earlier than anything.

Cubalaya Hen’s Background and Historical past

As its title suggests, Cubalaya chickens originated from Cuba, but when we’d hint its roots, it is going to level us to the Philippines! 

Spain colonized the Philippines for greater than 300 years and when the Spaniards got here to Cuba, they introduced some Asiatic recreation fowls with them.

No one knew what actual breed was it bred from. However what we do know is it’s a cross between an ornately feathered European recreation fowl and Asiatic recreation fowls. And the result’s a fancy-looking and long-tailed fowl with piercing eyes, a curved beak, and fierce expressions!

The Cuban Poultry Affiliation or Asociación Nacional de Avicultores acknowledged and accepted this breed in 1939. 

In the identical 12 months, Cubalaya chickens have been launched to the US via the Worldwide Poultry Exhibition and acquired accepted into the American Poultry Affiliation’s Normal of Perfection. 

In addition they acknowledged the Bantam variations a bit of later however nonetheless in the identical 12 months. 

It acquired its title from the Republic of Cuba, the nation that developed the breed. It’s the one official breed acknowledged by the Cuban Nationwide Poultry Affiliation. 

Sadly, the Livestock Conservancy listed the Cubalaya rooster as a threatened breed as a result of just a few enthusiastic breeders are retaining the breed. And if this may proceed within the subsequent 5 years, this breed may go extinct. 

black-breasted red cubalaya

Cubalaya Hen Breed Normal and Look

If we might describe Cubalaya rooster in a single phrase, it could be REGAL. Every part from its purple pea combs to its earlobes and wattles, right down to its stunning flowing feather, sample, and shimmering tails, is beautiful.

It’s among the many most gorgeous feathered fowls of all breeds. Cubalaya chickens have numerous plumage colours round their head, neck, and the remainder of their physique on the hen.

And it’s obtainable in numerous shade variations.

Cubalaya Hen Colour Variations

The American Poultry Affiliation or APA and the American Bantam Affiliation (ABA) settle for and acknowledge these three Cubalaya colours:

1. Black Cubalaya Hen

This variation options black plumage with slate shanks and toes.

2. Black-breasted Pink Cubalaya

Roosters from this variation sport the usual black-breasted purple plumage, essentially the most generally seen variation.

3. White Cubalaya

Because the title hints, this variation shows a minimalistic white plumage.

The Cuban normal additionally acknowledges different colours, reminiscent of:

  • Blue Wheaten
  • Golden Duckwing
  • Silver Duckwing

Roosters have extra radiant and colourful plumage than hens that seems reddish-orange and emerald-colored.

Alternatively, Cubalaya hens are normally cinnamon-colored with darkish cinnamon-red on the pinnacle and neck and light-weight cinnamon-wheaten shade on the physique.

They’re not as brightly coloured because the Cubalaya roosters, however their tail feathers give them a pop of shade.

Cubalaya Hen’s Tail

Cubalaya’s tails acquired the nickname “lobster tails” on account of their curved look, about 20 levels beneath horizontal when held.

The downward-angling form of its lavish feathering appears to be like like a lobster claw.

Cubalaya’s Leg

This breed has a slanted again and brief legs. And in contrast to different recreation fowls, the roosters don’t have spurs.

So, younger males gained’t injure different chickens once they’re preventing for dominance.

Cubalaya Hen’s Character and Temperament

Since Cubalaya chickens are purposely bred for cockfighting, these birds are energetic and hardy. 

Roosters might be aggressive and assertive towards different breeds. However the excellent news is that they’re not as hostile as different recreation fowls they usually’re pleasant in the direction of their people. 

The truth is, many lovers think about this breed because the rockstar on the exhibition flooring on account of their tameness and ease of dealing with. 

Cubalaya chickens are additionally well mannered and pleasant in comparison with different gamefowls. 

This breed has a curious disposition. No surprise they’re glorious foragers who get pleasure from being impartial and having freedom. 

However the draw back is that they don’t like being confined like different wild breeds. They like to stroll round and discover. So while you confine them in a selected place, they’re prone to make loud and unpleasing noises. 

Nonetheless, they nonetheless seize the guts of many breeders on account of their politeness to people, putting magnificence, and flexibility. 

So, don’t be swayed by their fierce, aggressive, and cussed look! In addition they have a smooth spot. 

Cubalaya Hen’s Egg Laying Capabilities

This breed is usually used for decorative functions right here within the US. However in different areas of the world, like Cuba, they serve a number of functions. 

Cubalaya chickens thrive as cockfighters and egg and meat producers in Cuba. However let’s deal with their laying capabilities to understand how they carry out within the egg-laying division. 

Most decorative chickens don’t excel within the egg-laying division however this breed has a fairly-decent efficiency. 

Cubalaya chickens can produce 4 to five eggs per week through the peak of their laying season. And you may harvest a complete of 150 to 200 eggs per 12 months from every hen. 

They normally go broody so different breeders use them to boost different chickens’ eggs. 

However right here’s one other shock! They will lay all 12 months spherical so that you gained’t have to fret throughout winter! 

You may nonetheless harvest recent small to medium-sized eggs with cream to mild brown shade. 

Egg shade: Cream

Egg dimension: Small to Medium

Begins laying at 24 weeks previous

Eggs produced/week: 4 to five

Eggs produced/12 months: 150 to 200

Cubalaya Hen Meat Manufacturing

Should you’re after rooster meat, this will not be appropriate for you. But it surely’s pretty first rate within the meat division, contemplating it’s developed for cockfighting. 

Most roosters weigh round 5 to six kilos throughout their maturity whereas Cubalaya hens are round 3.5 to 4pounds.

Their white and high quality meat is thought for its tenderness.  Nonetheless, the draw back is it takes so lengthy for this breed to mature.

Some could even take 3 years to lastly attain maturity. This is among the the explanation why it’s not a sought-after breed by way of meat manufacturing. 

Cubalaya bantam variations are only a third of the usual dimension. That’s why they’re one of many tiniest rooster breeds.

Cubalaya Hen’s Frequent Well being Points

Breeds of rooster regularly carry sure genetic illnesses or are vulnerable to a variety of illnesses. Nonetheless, not like different species, Cubalaya chickens aren’t notably vulnerable to any illnesses.

Nonetheless, it’s higher to be watchful and vigilant about your poultry to be able to detect diseases early.

Should you don’t tackle these points immediately, illnesses can unfold throughout your flock of hens all too quickly.

You might be cautious and hold an eye fixed out for signs like fatigue, lack of urge for food, and runny eyes or nostril to provide you with a warning to infections of their early levels.

Your birds could ultimately decide up inside and exterior parasites in flocks of poultry. Ensure that your chickens have a fantastic place to mud bathe.

cubalaya chickens for sale

The place to Discover Cubalaya Chickens for Sale

Cubalaya chickens are uncommon within the US since they’re thought-about a decorative breed within the nation. However you may discover Cubalaya chickens in selective breeders and on-line marketplaces reminiscent of the next:

This breed could not at all times be obtainable on account of its rarity so you need to look out to see when it’s in inventory. It’d assist when you’d ask in regards to the background and papers of the mother or father inventory to make sure the chicks and pullet are of top of the range. 

Now when you already discovered a Cubalaya rooster for your self, how do you have to increase it? 

Caring Ideas for Cubalaya Hen

Listed here are some recommendations on how you can increase Cubalaya gamefowl, wheaten Cubalaya, black-breasted purple Cubalaya bantam, and different variations:

Feeding and Vitamin

Cubalayas can forage for their very own meals. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless greatest to offer them with balanced meals earlier than letting them discover the bottom as a result of bugs gained’t be adequate to produce their dietary wants. 

You should purchase ready-to-eat industrial rooster feeds or put together one by your self. 

Cubalayas which can be 8 weeks previous and an older rooster’s food regimen could include:

  • Grains
  • Hen pellets
  • Mash
  • Grain combine

However what about younger chicks?

Meals for Cubalaya Chicks

Tiny chicks beneath eight weeks previous want a top quality chick starter to spice up their immunity and kickstart their development. 

Layer feeds

Should you’re elevating Cubalaya layers, they want additional protein and calcium to provide extra eggs and make their shells thicker.

So, when you assume the shells are weak, giving them oyster shell dietary supplements may also help. 

It’s a on condition that it’s good to present them with an accessible water supply and keep away from contaminated feeds. 

And in case your Cubalaya can be becoming a member of an exhibition, they want protein boosts from unsalted black oil sunflower seeds to make their feathers shine extra. 

Along with that, Cubalaya chickens additionally want common vaccination and vet visits to maintain them wholesome and save them from any well being dangers. 


Cubalaya chickens thrive in a free-range surroundings, so it’d be greatest to offer sufficient area for them to forage. Should you’re going to restrict them, they will need to have at the least 10 sq. ft of room area per rooster.

This manner, they gained’t be bored as a result of they’ve sufficient area to roam at. 

Moreover, they’ve lengthy, big tails, so that you want at the least 4 sq. ft of rooster coop area per rooster.

They’re hardy and warmth tolerant however their house will need to have sufficient air flow too. 

Should you resolve to let your Cubalaya keep on the bottom of the pen, give them a better roosting place they usually’ll do effectively. 


Cuabalaya’s fancy lengthy tails are certainly one of their greatest belongings however it requires a great grooming routine too. They’re pleasant and well mannered to their house owners, not like different recreation birds. 

So chances are you’ll not battle to look at if there are exterior parasites like lice and mites lurking on their lengthy feathers. 

It’s best to do an examination for parasites of their feathers at the least as soon as per week to maintain them in the very best form. 

Moreover, Cubalaya chickens love mud baths a lo. So, they’d be very happy when you can add natural essences to the unfastened sands to assist stop exterior parasite infestation. 

And lastly, when you’re youngsters and different animals prefer to be round your Cubalaya chickens, it’s greatest to de-worm them commonly. 


Cubalaya chickens are glorious breeders who breed shortly and produce fertile eggs for hatching. Simply hold the fitting hen to rooster ratio which is 1 Cubalaya rooster for each 10 hens and also you’re good to go. 

Is Cubalaya Hen the Proper Breed For You?

This breed might be pleasant towards you and simple to deal with they usually can serve a number of functions. Cubalaya chickens might be cockfighters, egg layer meat producers,s and decorative birds all the identical time.

So if you’d like a hardy, versatile and putting rooster that thrives in free-range environments and you’ll present adequate area, then this breed is for you.


  • Stunning feathering
  • Warmth and chilly hardy
  • Glorious foragers
  • Straightforward to deal with
  • Good friend in the direction of their house owners


  • Aggressive in the direction of different rooster
  • Pretty first rate in egg-laying and meat division
  • Gradual rising

Various if You Can’t Discover A Cubalaya Hen

Should you’re unsure about Cubalaya chickens and you’ll’t discover one close to your space, try these equally gorgeous breeds. In addition they sport an extended, attractive tail in order that they’re certainly citing!

  1. Yokohama

Should you’re unsure about Cubalayas, the Yokohama rooster is a good substitute as a result of the 2 meals are very related. Yokohamas, who proudly show an awfully lengthy tail, are likewise predominantly an decorative breed.

  1. Phoenix

This rooster breed is exceptionally stunning and strange. Phoenix chickens are a decorative breed that, like Cubalayas, regularly develop exceptionally lengthy tails.

Cubalaya Hen Breed Profile Abstract

Origin: Cuba

Colour: Black, black-breasted purple, and white

Common weight

Rooster: 5 to six kilos

Hen: 3.5 to 4 kilos

Lifespan: 8 years

Temperament: Hens are pretty tame and docile however roosters are aggressive

Toleration for Confinement: Low

Stage of Aggression In the direction of Flock Members: Excessive (for roosters)

Cubalaya chicken breed's appearance

Closing Ideas About Cubalaya Hen

Cubalaya chickens have poor socialization expertise in the direction of different breeds on account of their aggressive nature as gamefowl. However on the brighter aspect, they’re pleasant towards their house owners!

So, they typically create a robust bond with their house owners. Coping with them and coaching them for a present needs to be straightforward due to their tameness.

This four-in-one breed delivers within the exhibition, egg-laying, meat, and cockfighting division. Should you’re into versatile and fancy breeds with putting and distinct options, this decorative rooster gained’t disappoint you.

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