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Caring For A Broody Duck

First, ensure it’s the precise time of the yr. Longer day size indicators to most birds that it’s time to have infants. Early spring to mid-summer is the very best time. Then, give her a couple of secluded nesting spots which might be away from the remainder of the flock however nonetheless safe from predators. 

The Broody Set off

As soon as the duck is laying eggs in a selected spot, don’t lock her away from the remainder of the flock simply but. By leaving the eggs within the nest, and never accumulating them for a number of days, you possibly can assist set off her to go broody. The sight of a nest stuffed with eggs is one other set off for encouraging broodiness. When she’s broody, she received’t go away the nest and will “hiss” at you while you look in to verify on her. As soon as you’re sure she is broody and stays in her chosen spot on a regular basis, you possibly can then safe the spot from the remainder of the flock and predators if wanted.

In order for you your broody duck to hatch bought eggs, merely swap out your eggs for hers within the nest. 



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