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Breed Highlight: The Cayuga Duck

Each men and women could have jet black plumage, black ft, legs, and payments. Because the females mature and molt every summer season, they are going to start to develop white feathers amongst their black feathers, which is totally regular. Don’t selectively breed in opposition to the white feathers, it’s answerable for the beetle-green sheen among the many black. Eradicating the white females from a breeding flock will over time produce brown-black geese as a substitute of jet-black iridescent.

Additionally as each genders age, the payments, ft, and legs might change into olive inexperienced as a substitute of black.

A duck can produce 100 to 150 eggs every laying season, and the eggshell coloration could be black to mild grey in coloration. Early within the laying season, the shell coloration is usually darker. Progressively, every subsequent egg will get lighter in coloration because the laying season progresses.



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