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Asia’s Oldest Stegosaurus Found in Chongqing

Stegosaurus could be very peculiar within the dinosaur world. It has two rows of upright bone plates alongside the again from the neck to the tail and makes use of 2~4 pairs of huge bone spurs on the finish of the tail as weapons. with a physique size of about 7-9 meters, however forward solely as large as a watermelon, has grow to be a widely known star dinosaur.

Dinosaur fossils are an essential channel for individuals to know how dinosaurs lived and died tons of of hundreds of thousands of years in the past. Nonetheless, there are usually not many Stegosaurus fossils discovered worldwide, and many of the skeletons have poor integrity. Subsequently, the connection between Stegosaurus and its early evolution nonetheless must be additional studied.
Just lately, researchers found the oldest stegosaurus fossil in Asia in Chongqing and named this stegosaurus Bashanosaurus primitives.

stegosaurus dig site

The oldest stegosaurus fossil ever found was situated in Morocco, Africa, so some students consider that it originated in Africa. Nonetheless, Huayangosaurus from Zigong, Sichuan can be a really primitive kind of Stegosaurus. Subsequently, some students additionally consider that Stegosaurus stemmed from China. The invention of Bashanosaurus primitives gives new proof for the origin of Stegosaurus in China, each when it comes to its quantity and historical diploma.

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The outcomes of stratigraphic courting present that Bashanosaurus primitives lived 169 million years in the past, sooner than Huayangsaurus, which is corresponding to the age of the oldest stegosaurus fossils present in Morocco, and the fossil is extra full. Subsequently, Bashanosaurus primitives are thought-about to be the oldest stegosaurus in Asia and one of many oldest stegosaurs on this planet.
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