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15 of the Greatest Blue Heeler Combine Breeds to Fall in Love with

Often known as Australian cattle canines, the blue heeler is among the final working canines.

Bred to herd cattle within the Australian outback, this medium-sized canine breed is hardy, tenacious, loyal, and energetic. And, if there’s one phrase for use to explain the heeler, many house owners would say ‘workaholic’!

Whereas blue heelers have gotten standard pets, their intelligence, power, and depth could make them a little bit of a problem for much less skilled pet house owners. However for others, the distinctive qualities of the blue heeler canine breed make them the proper household pet.

Nonetheless, there are some gorgeous blue heeler crossbreeds coming to the fore which can be a greater match for you and your loved ones. We take a extra in-depth take a look at what makes a blue heeler and spotlight 15 of one of the best blue heeler mixes.

All you Must Know concerning the Blue Heeler

With its quick, sturdy coat that includes the distinct speckled blue coloring, the Blue Heeler is a good-looking animal. And once you understand that this hardworking breed is the results of a cross between both dalmatians or border collies with the wild dingo canine, you may see its heritage.

Initially bred within the nineteenth century, blue heelers had been used for herding cattle again to the farm within the huge Australian outback. They obtained their title as they nipped on the heels of the cattle to maintain them on the transfer.

The heeler can also be a remarkably resilient and difficult canine, capable of take care of the cruel Aussie local weather.

The blue heeler was acknowledged as a purebred canine breed by the American Kennel Membership in 1980.

Key Traits of the Blue Heeler

  • Look: Rising as much as 20 inches tall, the Blue Heeler is a protracted and stocky canine, with a shorthaired coat and a bushy, muscular tail. They’ve darkish, clever eyes, set in a large cranium and alert, upright ears.
    All blue heelers are born with a white coat, which develops the distinctive blue mottling or blue speckled sample as they age. You can even get purple heelers, which have a rusty speckle to their fur.
  • Temperament: With boundless power, blue heelers are the final word working canine. The heeler is clever with a robust work ethic, which suggests they will succumb to boredom if not mentally and bodily stimulated.
    The blue heeler can also be loyal and protecting with an unbiased streak so might be cautious of different canines. Their character might be greatest described as a bit of intense so that they want an energetic house to carry out their greatest.
  • Coaching: With their sturdy character, the heeler wants early correct socialization and constant coaching to carry out his greatest.
    Their herding intuition can also be sturdy, they usually can ‘herd’ kids, different animals, and household pets by nipping at their heels.
    However they love a job to do, so like many different canines, they will excel at canine sports activities and obedience coaching. Train-wise, the Australian heeler wants loads of out of doors time so greatest suited to energetic canine house owners.
  • Well being: A tricky, resilient animal, the blue heeler is mostly a wholesome canine with a median lifespan of between 12 and 15 years.
    Nonetheless, blue heeler canines are inclined to sure well being circumstances, together with hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, deafness, cataracts, and ear infections.

The 15 Gorgeous Blue Heeler Mixes

With such a robust character, work ethic, and excessive want for train, the pure blue heeler is an lively canine that is probably not appropriate for each would-be canine proprietor or household with babies.

However with an Australian blue heeler cross breed, you will get one of the best of each worlds by mixing two completely different canine breeds.

Generally known as a hybrid canine, we’ve put collectively an inventory of what we expect are 15 of one of the best blue heeler mixes so that you can take into account.

1. Basset Heeler (Basset hound/blue heeler)

Basset Hound Mix Dog sitting by lighthouse.

There’s a cuteness overload with the basset heeler because of its floppy ears, hangdog face, and lovely blue spots. And as a smaller canine, the basset heeler is an efficient alternative if giant canines aren’t your factor.

Nonetheless, this energetic pooch additionally has a larger-than-life character and might be very protecting in addition to cautious with strangers. Because of this, as with all of the blue heeler combine breeds, early socialization and constant coaching are a should.

The basset heeler is a robust, muscular canine with a stunning smooth, but quick coat. He’s additionally a brilliant spark and may change into harmful if left alone too lengthy or is allowed to get bored.

2. Beagle Heeler

Beagle Mix Running at Dog Park

Curious, playful, affectionate, and energetic, combining the inquisitive beagle with the blue heeler makes a particular mixture. Nevertheless it’s additionally a blue heeler combine breed to maintain you in your toes!

It is a fairly blue heeler combine, because of these distinctive beagle-droop ears from its guardian breed. You might also see tan and black beagle patches of coloration on the blue mottled coat.

As a medium-sized canine, the beagle heeler is usually a good selection for households as they like to play, though they will err on the mischievous facet. And all that heeler/beagle power will preserve you and your youngsters energetic.

And also you do want to keep in mind that with the heeler’s drive to work and the beagle nostril, you could have a wanderer in your arms.

3. Bernese Cattle Canine (Bernese mountain canine/blue heeler)

Appenzell cattle dog running on the green grass

A sizeable pooch, the Bernese cattle canine wants house, train, and stimulation.

Bringing collectively the herding blue heeler with the Bernese mountain canine, the Bernese cattle canine is a shocking designer canine. And total, it has one of the best traits of its guardian breeds.

The Bernese cattle canine craves consideration and is a brilliant affectionate member of the household, that can also be good with kids. And their sharp mind is extremely trainable, though they do want numerous psychological and bodily stimulation.

As they’re people-focused, the Bernese cattle canine will also be susceptible to bouts of separation nervousness.

4. Blue Spaniel (cocker spaniel/blue heeler)

beautiful purebred blue picardian spaniel

Some of the standard household canines, the cocker spaniel already has loads of power. So, once you add the blue heeler into the combination, you get a really bouncy canine certainly!

What the spaniel brings to this energetic blue heeler combine is its bubbly, constructive, and pleasant demeanor. And this could counter the extra intense nature of the Australian cattle canine.

With the blue spaniel, you get the lux fur of the cocker, combined with the gorgeous heeler mottled blue. With lengthy fur on the ears and chest, the blue spaniel is one good-looking hybrid canine.

Nonetheless, the blue spaniel is usually a little aggressive in direction of strangers and is understood to be a barker, so loads of train and playtime is a should. And, as cockers might be susceptible to eye points reminiscent of progressive retinal atrophy, then that is an space to observe.

5. Blue Tzu Heeler (Shih Tzu/blue heeler)

Dog so cute mixed breed with Shih-Tzu,

The primary of our ‘mini’ Blue Heeler crosses, the Blue Tzu is an absolute cutie and might be wherever between 12 and 18 inches tall. And naturally, the Blue Tzu comes with the Shih Tzu’s perspective in spades!

That is additionally a really fluffy hybrid canine, with the Shih Tzu’s furry ears and physique giving him an opulent look, enhanced by the traditional blue heeler coat sample.

Though a smaller canine than a pure Blue Heeler, the Blue Tzu Heeler nonetheless has loads of power and likes to get out and about. In actual fact, this cross breed thrives in giant open areas quite than simply being a settee lap canine.

However he does have the Shih Tzu’s want for firm, so you should ensure you too can bathe him with loads of love and a focus.

6. Border Heeler (border collie/blue heeler)

Border collie blue heeler mix at park with harness

Combining the border collie with the blue heeler, the border heeler is a heady combine. Bringing collectively two of probably the most profitable herding canines means you get a mixture that may are usually on the hyperactive facet, particularly when their intelligence is introduced into play.

The border collie blue heeler combine has boundless power that must be harnessed as they are often harmful if bored so loads of day by day train and stimulation is important.

Early socialization and coaching are additionally a should in case you are to handle their protecting facet that comes from their herding canines’ intuition. Which means that this border collie combine is greatest suited to extra skilled canine house owners.

Healthwise, there are a number of points to notice with the border heeler, as they are often susceptible to eye issues, together with cataracts and a situation referred to as collie eye anomaly.

7. Boston Cattle Canine (Boston terrier/blue heeler)

Heeler Mix Breed Dog with Flag Bandanna

The Boston cattle canine is a spunky chap, because of its Boston terrier heritage, which provides it a spirited character.

The Australian cattle canine side of this blue heeler combine provides in additional power, plus additional intelligence, making the Boston cattle canine very sensible certainly.

A muscular smaller-medium-sized pooch, the Boston cattle canine will also be surprisingly sturdy and so wants assured and agency dealing with to maintain him in test. Constant coaching can be wanted to counter his urge to dominate.

In the fitting arms, nevertheless, the Boston cattle canine might be an superior pet, that’s each switched on and pleasant. And this could make him a wonderful playmate for older kids as this blue heeler combine could attempt to ‘herd’ smaller youngsters.

8. Field Heeler (Boxer/blue heeler)

Box Heeler

The Field heeler is a super-friendly canine when he will get to know you. And he has a affected person facet which counters the blue heeler’s extra intense character.

However you additionally get the protecting instincts that may be present in each the boxer and blue heeler breeds, which wants cautious dealing with. Nonetheless, this trait could make this cross breed a wonderful guard or watchdog.

Longer limbed than the Australian cattle canine, the field heeler has the distinctive boxer face, along with his quick, easy-to-care-for coat peppered with blue speckles and mottling.

A preferred canine, the field heeler can also be a bundle of enjoyable and power, so would profit from an energetic house, the place he’ll make a incredible playmate for older kids.

Typically strong and wholesome, the field heeler has a lifespan of as much as 16 years.

9. Chi Heeler (Chihuahua/blue heeler)

Cute Brown Chihuahua Mix Puppy Enjoying Walk in Park

On paper, a chihuahua and a blue heeler combine sound like an odd mixture, nevertheless it appears to work.

Seems to be-wise, chi heelers are medium to small canines with the stature of the chihuahua, and the durability and blue mottling of the Queensland heeler. You additionally get a heady mixture of that chihuahua sass and the heeler’s switched-on mind.

Whereas this may occasionally sound like hassle, what you do get is a enjoyable, energetic, and hyper-alert pooch that has a unprecedented zest for all times. He can are usually a typical chihuahua, nevertheless, with regards to kids, exhibiting his bossy, dominant facet, particularly with the youthful ones.

Mild shedding, really easy to take care of, the chihuahua cattle canine combine likes to rule the roost. However with constant dealing with and loads of love and a focus, the chi heeler is a rewarding little canine to personal.

10. Corgi Blue Heeler

Corgi Blue Heeler

With these distinctive corgi ‘bat ears’ and the trademark blue heeler mottling, the corgi blue heeler is an extraordinary-looking pup that may soften your coronary heart.

A cross between the family-friendly Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Australian cattle canine, this medium-sized canine is much less energetic than a full-on blue heeler.

However that doesn’t imply they don’t want a lot train as this cute dude continues to be a bit of powerhouse. And the heeler affect also can make this corgi cross breed much less of a barker.

The corgi blue heeler combine is wise and must be occupied, however then is joyful to calm down along with his human pack on the finish of the day. Which makes him a very good companion for an energetic household with youngsters.

11. Dalmatian Heeler

Blue Heeler Dalmatian Mix puppy 1 year old in back yard tongue out goofball

Take two canine breeds identified for his or her distinctive coats and you’ve got one of the vital eye-catching blue heeler mixes.

The spots of the dalmatian and the gray, black, and blue heeler mottling and the dalmatian heeler actually turns these heads. However this dalmatian blue heeler combine is extra than simply seems to be as he additionally comes with a big character to match.

The dalmatian heeler is one for extra skilled canine house owners as they have an inclination to have fairly a domineering character.

They will also be on the delicate facet, so can crave consideration. And their protecting instincts imply early socialization and correct obedience coaching are important

Train-wise, these lengthy dalmatian legs, and blue heeler power imply the dalmatian heeler must be walked on daily basis at the least, plus loads of playtimes.

12. Labraheeler (Labrador/blue heeler)


Persistently the preferred canine breed within the US, the Labrador is a well-established pet in its personal proper. So, the labraheeler – a blue heeler lab combine – has so much to dwell as much as.

With the loyalty of the blue heeler and the affectionate character of the Labrador, the labraheeler makes a wonderful all-around household canine.

However you should be ready to place the strolling miles in, as this loving blue heeler combine breed wants loads of day by day workouts.

The physique and face of the labraheeler are clearly lab, however he has probably the most attractive black, blue, and white mottled coat sample of the heeler. And his character can also be one of the best of each worlds, with the enjoyable and people-loving lab softening off the heeler’s extra aloof and protecting facet.

13. Pit Heeler (American pit bull/blue heeler)

Smiling mixed breed pit bull standing on city park grass.

In case you like your canine to affectionate with loads of power, then the pit heeler might be your preferrred match.

A combination between the blue heeler and the long-lasting American pit bull terrier, the pit heeler makes an excellent household pet in addition to a watchdog.

With the pit bull’s muscular construct and huge head, the terrier facet on this combine is obvious. However the heeler vibe kicks in because of the blue mottling throughout the canine’s quick coat.

The mixed intelligence of the guardian breeds additionally signifies that the pit heeler responds nicely to coaching and likes to have a job to do. And the pittie affect means in addition they reply nicely to like and affection from their human.

Nonetheless, the heeler’s reserve and power ranges imply that this blue heeler combine thrives greatest in an skilled family.

14. Shepherd heeler (German shepherd/blue heeler)

German shepherd dog and Australian cattle dog heeler on the walk in the winter

Our subsequent blue heeler combine is the majestic shepherd heeler, which mixes the Australian cattle canine with the imposing German shepherd.

The very first thing to notice concerning the shepherd blue heeler combine is that it’s a sturdy animal, so greatest suited to skilled quite than first-time pet house owners.

The dominance trait is evident within the shepherd heeler which suggests they want satisfactory train, loads of house, and constant coaching and dealing with.

However with their protecting nature and inherited work ethic, the shepherd heeler makes a wonderful guard and even service canine in addition to a loyal companion.

It is a giant animal – the shepherd heeler can weigh as much as 95 kilos – and their double coat means their grooming regime will also be fairly demanding. And they are often susceptible to hip dysplasia which is frequent within the German shepherd breed.

15. Texas heeler (AKA Australian shepherd blue heeler)

Spotted black and white Texas Heeler dog running with a red ball, looking back as she runs

This cross breed is a mixture of two iconic antipodean canines – the blue heeler (often known as the Queensland heeler) and the Australian shepherd canine.

The result’s a heady mixture of excessive power and a robust need to work. This implies extra skilled canine house owners are greatest to take the clever and full-pelt Australian shepherd blue heeler combine on.

The Texas heeler will want at the least 60-90 minutes of train on daily basis plus loads of out of doors house to name his personal. And the sensible mind of the Australian shepherd blue heeler means in addition they want loads of psychological stimulation to stop boredom from setting in.

However for the energetic household who likes to train within the nice open air, the Texas heeler/Australian shepherd blue heeler combine canine will change into a loving, loyal, and pleasant furry companion.

Deciding if a Blue Heeler Combine is Best for you

Each the blue heeler and a blue heeler combine could make nice companions and have all of the core attributes to be a loyal household canine.

However, as a hybrid canine takes traits from every guardian canine, you should count on a pooch with a robust character. They will even be very energetic canines.

The blue heeler attributes as a herding canine will most definitely imply the blue heeler combine you select can be extra high-energy and require loads of workouts, constant coaching, and ample psychological stimulation.

So, in case you are significantly contemplating one of many blue heeler mixes, be sure you do your analysis into each breeds and perceive their seemingly temperament, well being, care, and coaching/train wants.

And be sure you solely use a good breeder or shelter and do all of the checks required to make sure your new blue heeler combine pet or grownup mixed-breed canine is joyful and wholesome.

With all this data handy, it is possible for you to to confidently resolve whether or not a blue heeler combine makes the fitting canine for you, your loved ones, and another pets you could have.

And if you happen to do select a beautiful blue heeler combine canine, then you’ll hopefully have many joyful, energetic, enjoyable, and loving years collectively.



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